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The BBC's Justin Webb - a Radio 4 Today programme apologist for the Oxfam perverts as the virtue signallers stick together

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 13 February 2018

The sort of well paid metropolitan elitist who works for the BBC will no doubt mingle socially with the numerous champagne socialists earning £100,000 + per annum working for NGOs and lecturing rich folks in the private sector about how evil we are for not tackling poverty. These are the chattering classes and they stick together.

Thus on Radio 4's flagship Today programme Justin Webb was interviewing folks about the Oxfam scandal where highly paid workers in Haiti shagged underage hookers in lavish charity funded accommodation. Oxfam then covered this up allowing some of these perverts to go to get highly paid jobs at other charities. It now seems that there are numerous other sex scandals at Oxfam and we all have every right to be outraged since taxpayer's cash is funnelled to this charity in very large amounts.

Yet Webb stated ( as a question) " What a lot of people, or rather some people, think is that a lot of this is A) rather made up or B) exaggerated by those who want to attack the whole idea of aid."

Ok Justin, how would you feel if your 15 year old daughter was forced to have sex with men in their sixties? You okay with that as long as the men are Guardian reading lefties with highly paid jobs at a virtue signalling organisation?

Webb should be fired from the, taxpayer funded and out of touch, BBC for making such a statement which is unambiguously obscene and offensive as well as  A grade fake news. No, one believes, the assertion made by Webb.

Natch he will not even be disciplined.

Elsewhere on Today we were all urged to go easy on Oxfam as if its funding is cut the vulnerable will suffer. Rubbish. There is no shortage of charities helping poor kids in poor countries, each of which has a bloated central overhead back in the UK stuffed with Guardian readers on six figure salaries. It would be very easy, in fact desirable, to see fewer charities helping poor folks and thus cutting out some of the administrative costs which are surely duplicated.

Switching funding from a charity which covers up paedophile scandals to one that does not is surely no bad thing. At the very least overall funding levels are unchanged. In reality by cutting out one set of central overheads more cash could get through to helping folks who really need it.

Yet there was no-one at the BBC making this point on the Today programme. It was almost as if folk like Justin cared more about the staff at the NGOs rather than those they were meant to be helping, when they were not sexually exploiting them.

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