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Why is it that so many perverts and sexual predators work for charities?

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 15 February 2018

Let's be clear, there are paedophiles and other monsters working in every industry, in every sector, in all parts of the economy. It has come as a shock to some that the charities world seems to have a real problem in this respect. I am not surprised. It is only that it has taken this long for the cover-ups to be exposed that shocks me. I would expect that charities like the church would have far more than their fair share of perverts on board.

It is not that those who want to work for charities are likely to be attracted to perversion but rather that those who want to abuse the vulnerable would naturally be attracted to charities.

For starters, as we have seen at Oxfam and indeed with the Catholic Church, they are badly managed and so terrified of bad publicity that they would rather cover up crimes than deal with and expose them. What a perfect place for a paedophile to operate: you carry on molesting until you are caught at which point you are allowed to resign and go get a job with another charity, or in the case of the Church, at another Parish. Rinse and repeat.

And then there is the element of Trust. For a paedophile to operate successfully he needs to be trusted by parents and then by the kids until he has "groomed them" at which point it is too late. And thus paedophiles - and the Oxfam workers in Haiti having sex with 14 year old hookers must be classed as such - will naturally be drawn to careers where they are instantly trusted by all concerned, where trust does not need to be earned but is given without question from day one,. Put simply, it is a lot easier to gain the trust of all as an aid worker being there to help alleviate suffering or as a celeb employee of the BBC than as, say, a double glazing salesman.

If you want a career in child molesting get a job in a "caring profession." Go work for Oxfam, Save the Children or the David Miliband run International Rescue Committee. All three are now admitting to have employed workers who had sex with kids as young as six and all three covered it up.

There is a lot more to emerge as this particular swamp is drained, as those who have preached for years to we evil capitalists about how sinful we are, are now shown not to be exactly without sin themselves.

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