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My Google Map of the World & the Britain invading 90% of the countries on this planet map

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 9 November 2012

A map appeared the other day showing how Britain had invaded 90% of the countries on this planet at one stage or another. Generally the 10% had suffered from missing out. The longer the British stayed the better off a country was. I am no apologist for Empire. It is a matter I will be covering at some stage.

I just looked at my Google analytics map and I see that this blog has now been read in 117 countries around the world during the past two weeks. So I still have a way to go to catch up with the British Empire in bringing the message of hard line small state libertarianism to the world. Most of the planet now looks green. I seem to have a good few readers in Belgium. I wonder if it is the articles on their national hobby of paedophilia that attracts them or perhaps, noting that members of the EU press office now follow me on twitter, it is just the Evil Empire tracking members of the rebel alliance?

I am missing out on readers in Mongolia, Greenland, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan – surely folks in the last three of those want to read about Islamofascism? Those five countries would make my Google map look a lot greener.

I just need to find a reader in Zimbabwe to complete my, Rhodes like, Cape to Cairo strip of green. Come on Mr Mugabe, I am sure you can take a few minutes off from being Africa’s Hitler to log on?

But generally Africa seems my week continent. Most of those tinpot kleptocracies in West Africa have yet to hear the message of the benefits of a libertarian, small & honest Government.

I do appear to have a few Argies reading this blog (I cannot think why) but South America is my other weak area. And so far no-one from the Vatican City has tuned in. I suppose a few more articles about institutionalised paedophiles should correct that in due course.

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