Friday April 26, 2019
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Photo Article: The Greek Hovel Progress Update - mindblowing, the roof is on the way

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- Tom Winnifrith

It may have escaped your attention in the photo below but the external and internal walls are almost complete. Assuming the weather holds - and that is a safe enough bet - snake killer Gregori and his team will have the job done by the end of next week. And thus George the Architect tells me that it is time to install a roof. Cripes, we are ahead of schedule.

Daughter Olaf, who is due to make her debut visit in late August, says that a roof is a good thing to have. She is also keen on toilets and showers. Girly Girly. But she shall have her wish. George reckons that within four weeks we will have not only a roof but also the wooden floors above the master bedroom (new wing) and rat room in place.

At that point Gregori and team will return to take the concrete out from between the stones and regrout the traditional way to bring out the real colour of the hovel/eco palace. When that is complete the polished concrete white floors will go down in the rat room and master bedroom

But first things first. The roof. George had a funny idea that we would keep the old concrete flat roof in the kitchen. I disabused him and it was removed. Instead there will be a vaulted wooden roof across the whole second floor, so giving a feeling of more room as you star up at the timbers. On top of the wood will be tiles.

Below are two photos from Kambos. The first are the newer brighter tiles. The second the older duller tiles. We will, naturally, be using the latter. But it is not just the colour. These days the modern mass produced tiles stick together being laid side by side. Think of a row of Cs facing down. In the old days they interlocked a C facing down links into a C facing up, etc, etc. I hope the pictures make it clearer than my words. Natch we go for the old way.
God willing you will see a finished roof within a month.


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