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Daughter Olaf berates my T-shirt and wants Mayor Sadiq Khan to be PM – should I disown her?

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 16 June 2018

Not even mentioning Father’s Day, which she will no doubt forget tomorrow, my Islington based daughter Olaf honoured us with a visit to the boonies and Bristol yesterday. She was checking out the University in an open day and has decided that if things don’t go the right way at a proper seat of learning on the M40 she will, like all the other Oxbridge rejects, come here.  Having checked out the University and come away really impressed she met up with myself, the Mrs and Joshua for lunch.

I walked to Clifton wheeling Joshua and heading via Go Outdoor to buy some more walking socks. It is all part of my training for July 28. The last half mile is all uphill and pushing an increasingly large Joshua I arrived a few minutes late and sweating. Olaf gave me a Paddington Stare. Quite by chance I was wearing my “Hillary for Prison 2016” T-shirt. Olaf blathers on about glass ceilings and how Donald Trump is the spawn of Satan in a way that you would expect from someone who lives in an area where everyone is an asset multimillionaire and reads the Guardian.

So what if Trump is bringing peace to Korea and record job numbers to America’s poor and working classes, he does not want Transgenders in the military and so is a bad man. I get it.

On the way I had asked directions from a Bristol Student, wearing a University T-shirt and helping out on the open day. He had commented on my T-shirt.  He assumed (correctly, but that is not the point) that I was a Trump supporter but I responded that millions of lifelong Democrats did  not vote for Crooked Hillary because she was a terrible candidate. The student countered that Hillary Clinton had been cleared of all charges which is, of course, not true. That was Fake News from a liberal – he should go to work for the BBC. I rattled off a list of things she is clearly guilty of including bleaching emails, pay to play and using charity money to fund her daughter’s $3 million wedding. The student said “that is your opinion”. I said, “no those are facts and that is why she should be in prison.”

I should have pointed out that his inability to appreciate fact from opinion is why he is at an Oxford Reject university whereas I did go to Oxford. But I did not. Olaf and the Mrs think that it is a bad line to use on Oxbridge rejects as it might hurt their feelings. No – suck it up buttercups you are just not top drawer, get over it!

Olaf and I discussed how useless Mrs May was and why she should go. But who would replace her my daughter enquired? “Priti Patel of course! said I. I never waiver on that point. Priti is a real instinctive Thatcherite, it is in her DNA. She is the chosen one.  Olaf was not so sure. She said she wanted Mayor Khan to be PM.

FFS. I have written that it is not his fault that everyone in London is going round stabbing everyone else. But his weedy response on the stabbing epidemic which seems to involve increase the rate at which he demands the useless Met arrest Katie Hopkins for hate crimes, and then the way he splashes cash on and backs causes which are either dangerous and evil or just plain virtue signalling nonsense is just laughable. On the former matter there is the way he allows the Jew Haters to march on Al Quds day, frankly condoning their hatred and certainly not condemning it.  On the latter, Khan and his £90,000 a year cycling Tsar have moved on from branding cycling racist and sexist. His big thing this week was campaigning to make Wikepedia more gender balanced. I kid you not. He wants more women profiled and more women taking part.

Is that really a priority for Londoners?  Well maybe up in the leafier parts of Islington where there are no stabbings it is seen as a vital issue.  It is the sort of thing the Dems campaigned on in 2016 not caring about matters like jobs for folks in the rust belt or poverty in the farm states. And they wonder why Trump swept the flyovers?

There are surely very few people who still think Sadiq Khan is up to the job as Mayor of London, I rather suspect that Olaf is the only person in the whole country who thinks he should be PM. I know it is hard to think of someone who would be more useless than Theresa May but Mayor Khan might just be the one.

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