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Trump press supremo Sarah Huckabee Sanders, The Red Hen and the blinding hypocrisy of the liberal left

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 26 June 2018

A few weeks ago the US Supreme Court threw out a case brought against a baker who had declined to bake a cake for a gay wedding. Though the owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop was happy to bake cakes for gay folks he, being a Christian, did not wish to be party to a celebration of something of which he did not approve.  Oddly in the UK the Courts backed the gay couple but in the US the Courts accept that the State has no right to force a business to serve anyone. The liberal left moaned, wailed, shrieked and hurled abuse. This was outrageous they claimed - no business should be allowed to turn away customers on the basis of belief. It was not that the customers were gay it was that the cake ordered was for something the owner did not believe in. But the liberals said that did not matter.

At the weekend Donald Trump’s press secretary, the charming Sarah Huckabee Sanders joined seven friends at the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia. Some gay waiters said that the stance of the Trump administration on transgender folk serving in the army offended them and that they had a right not to serve Ms Sanders. The owner agreed with that and so asked Sanders to leave which she did without fuss.

The incident blew up not – as the fake news BBC reported – when Trump tweeted about it but when a waiter tweeted out the whiteboard showing a record of Sanders’ ejection which libtards across America spread like a virus across social media. Trump responded in his own way.

For the liberal left the Red Hen suddenly had every right to boot out Sanders to decline to serve her on the basis of her beliefs and those of the owner or rather her staff. Indeed now we see leading Democrat Maxine Walters urging businesses across America to stop serving officials of the Trump administration. That would all be part of the Love trumps Hate campaign that Dems are so keen on.

The hypocrisy of the left is obvious to all and this hateful action against Ms Sanders who is far more popular than Mr Trump will backfire. Trump is now at a 43% approval rating which at this point in the cycle (five months before the mid terms) is incredibly high, not seen since Reagan in the 80s. Given the phenomenon of shy Trumpers that might actually understate just how well this President is doing but it is not surprising when he is up against what is increasingly “the nasty party” and a party of obvious hypocrites.

Like many conservatives I support gay marriage. Why the hell should LGBT folk not suffer like the rest of us? But my position is consistent - a business should decide its own clientele. I’d hope – and expect – that a homophobic baker will in the end suffer from market forces as the west becomes ever more tolerant. I’m sure that the Red Hen is toast. Insulting someone like Sanders, who is well liked, on the basis of political belief sets an unpleasant precedent, it is just not in the spirit of Western liberal democracy. So many dems will not root for the Red Hen and its actions will thus alienate most of its customers.

The gay waiters can happily head off to the safe space called the soup kitchen not to serve but as customers and few will sympathise.

The problem of the left is that having argued two weeks ago that a business cannot turn away custom on the basis of belief, too many liberals today are arguing the exact opposite.

The liberal elite may not realise how daft they appear but mainstream America does. Keep it up libs: #Trump2020 becomes more of a racing cert every time folks like Robert de Niro or Maxine Walters start to opine.

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