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Girls cant wear skirts but boys have to – the madness of UK Education in 2018 in the gender wars

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 3 July 2018

In thirty years time we will look back on the transgender and gender wars of 2018 and ask what on earth were the experts and the screaming, if small, mobs of virtue signallers hoping to achieve. I hope we will look back with a sense of shame.

No platforming, as has happened on a British campus,  the heroic civil liberties campaigner Peter Tatchell for daring to suggest that a woman born a man was somehow different from someone who was always a woman was a sign of the madness to come. Poor Tatch, a PC lefty all his life, the founder of the gay pride march in London, now declared a bigot.

In the name of inclusivity a number of Oxford Colleges banned single sex lavatories lest it offend transgender students and the vocal mob then demanded that those who were transitioning could head into whatever changing room they wanted or to use women only ponds at Hampstead Heath. Great, your 13 year old daughter gets to strip off next to a woman with a penis.

Though kids only just through puberty are deemed too young to smoke, drink, have sex, vote or join the army, it was then decided that the taxpayer should fund drugs to start the process of “transitioning.” Okay some will change their mind later but who cares? To oppose such measures makes you worse than Tatch.

In our State funded schools, busy churning out semi-literate snowflakes, trained to know that the British Empire was evil but with little other knowledge of history before 1933 and unable to do any basic arithmatic without the use of a machine, the liberal left is fighting hard.  Thus we now have at least 40 secondary schools were girls are banned from wearing skirts and must wear trousers in order to achieve gender neutrality.  But if you worry that the skirt may be phased out, fear not….

A school is allowing boys to wear skirts but not to wear shorts during hot weather in a move towards a ‘gender-neutral’ uniform policy. Chiltern Edge Secondary School in Oxfordshire has banned shorts from the uniform, insisting boys who are too hot in long trousers should instead wear a skirt.

All in the name of progress…

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