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Theresa May set to betray the 17.4 million over Brexit – sod this that’s 1 vote secured for Labour (mine)

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 6 July 2018

For many of us Brexit was the defining issue of the past few years. Finally we got a referendum, we were promised that the result would be implemented and we won. Slowly the political class backtracked and now today, Theresa May, will set down a watered down proposal which is a sell out. Mrs May is a Quisling. Gone are her “red lines”. Gone is the ability to cut our own trades deals so to get cheaper tariff free food for the poor and working classes.  We will have to accept laws and restrictions imposed by a bloc to which we hand over a vast cheque but have no say over, the Evil Empire. This is the worst of all worlds. This is the bad deal that is worse than no deal. Mrs May has betrayed us.

How as a loyal Tory does one react? It is not as if, under Mrs May, this is a Tory party I recognise or respect. Pro tem, sweating my balls off and risking my capital in the private sector I see tax freedom day (now June 3) move later every year and I see that private sector pay increases have lagged those in the public sector since 2010. Yet laughably Mrs May is now promising more tax hikes in order to end “austerity” for public sector pay.   The party of law and order unleashes initiative after initiative to tackle those who might “offend” others while proposing that folks sentenced to a year or less, i.e. real criminals, should be let out of jail free. 

The party of a sound defence supports prosecuting soldiers who served in Ulster 40 years ago but rewards returning jihadis with benefits and a bump up the council house waiting list. The party of freedom flaps pathetically but does nothing tangible to stop a growing suppression of free speech on campuses across the land. The party of small Government is still running a vast deficit – and now plans to borrow more for more public sector wage hikes – as borrowing mounts higher and higher.

The list goes on and on and on. Mrs May’s Conservative party is really not that different from the Labour party but the latter has not served up the biggest betrayal of democracy since Ted Heath told all those lies to get us into the EU in the first place. And as such Mrs May and the party she leads deserves the fate of Peel’s Tories after the repeal of the Corn Laws, only back then the PM did the “right” thing for his country , rather than betraying it. So the fate the rotten Tories deserve in 2018 is not to be thrown out of power for a generation but for good.

I know that Labour will train wreck the economy by being even more profligate than the Tories but my time as a capitalist is almost up anyway. Risking my capital, working myself into an early grave so creating jobs, generating taxes, sod that for a game of soldiers. This “golden goose” is retiring before the next election at which I shall be voting Labour as one last fuck you to the traitor May and to her pathetic and wretched party which allowed her to behave in this way. The so called Brexiteers of the cabinet who will roll over today are pitiful.

I realise many others will find the idea of voting Labour too much to stomach but many good Tories will  protest with other parties or, more likely, just stay at home. Why should we show any loyalty to those folks who have betrayed us?  And that might just be enough to see Jeremy Corbyn, propped up by a coalition of nationalists and fringe parties,  heading to Downing Street.

Mrs May you wretched and appalling traitor, your duplicity and mendacity will be the architect of that defeat.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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