Thursday February 21, 2019
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Treason May needs to deny this Brexit “plan cleared with Merkel” report or resign

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- Tom Winnifrith

It is being reported today that Britain’s worst ever Prime Minister, the wretched Theresa May told former Brexit Secretary David Davis that she was unable to amend her proposed Brexit plan because she had already had it cleared by German leader Frau Merkel. And this is before the UK cabinet got to see the plan let alone agree to it.

The Prime Minister is meant to be “primus inter pares”, that is to say in Britain the Cabinet takes a collective decision. But in this case it did not. The Prime Minister took a decision about the future of this country and got sign off from the leader of another, Germany, before presenting this as a fait accompli to her Cabinet, her party and the Country.

Given that what Mrs May proposes crosses e very red line she has promised to set, breaches her election manifesto and is clearly not what 17.4 million of us voted for, these acts are, if not treasonous, damn close to it. At best it brings to mind thoughts of Chamberlain, another piece of paper, another German leader and his, mistaken, belief that he had secured a great deal for Britain.

But the Merkel claim is, at present, just a claim, albeit one clearly originating with Davis. Mrs May can deny it and effectively accuse Davis of lying or she can ‘fess up. If it is the latter, surely even the most spineless and careerist of Tory MP’s must demand her resignation. For the electorate will not forgive a Party led by a woman who takes her lead on this critical matter from the leader of Germany. The precedent in that regard is not a good one.


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