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Video: 46 years ago today: the ballad of Claudy

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 31 July 2018

There are some who try to suggest that former IRA members like Gerry Adams or the late Martin McGuinness should be remembered for bringing peace to Ulster. There are those who say that talking to such men was a heroic act by Jeremy Corbyn.  Those folks probably cannot remember "the troubles" or if they have heard about it it is with a false narrative of one sided British brutality. On this day I ask you to remember the small town of Claudy and what happened there 46 years ago as you watch and listen to the ballad of Claudy.

Though we have enquiry after enquiry into acts committed by the British in Ulster we have never had a full enquiry into Claudy. But it seems almost certain that the bomb was organised by a Catholic priest, Father Chesney, a man who McGuinness denied knowing but later admitted that he had known, which is hardly surprising as Londonderry, where evil McGuinness headed up the local IRA unit, is just nine miles from Claudy.


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