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Has Christine Blasey Ford killed #Metoo hysteria as well as the Dems mid-term hopes?

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 28 September 2018

Naturally the BBC, Channel 4 “fake” News and the rest of the liberal media presented a hopelessly one sided account of the Senate testimony of Christine Blasey Ford and the man she accuses of groping her 36 years ago, would be Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. But normal folks can see through all this.

Poor Dr Ford had a shaky voice, she sounded for a moment like a little girl. You wanted to believe her. But hang on a second there are other women victims here, including the wife and ten year old daughter of Judge Kavanaugh. And what about the man himself or has #MeToo hysteria reached such a point where a woman is automatically believed.

This is the woman who had to delay her testimony to allow her to drive to Washington because she had a fear of flying. That is what she told the Senate. Except that she flies extensively for surfing vacations and, as it happens few to DC for this circus. So she is a liar.  As for her allegation…

Ford cannot remember when the incident occurred. Or where. Or who drover her home. She has changed her story about who was present at the house. Those she now says were present all say that her story is not true. Two other men say they assaulted Dr Ford in the way she describes in 1982. Though she handed her counsellor’s notes which detail her 2012 recollection of the incident to the Washington Post she refused to let the Senate see them, perhaps because they do not name Kavanaugh and her story then contradicts the one, this Trump hating activist spins now.

Oddly the liberal press, especially in Britain, do not report on this.

If she took such a tale which has more holes in it than a mountain made of Swiss Cheese to the cops they would not prosecute. On the presumption of innocence it would not even make it to Court.

However Democrat lawmakers sat on this story, for that is what it is, for months only releasing it at the last minute to try to stop a Trump nominee making it to the Supreme Court before mid-terms in which they hope they will make enough gains to block any other nominees until the next General Election. Keep hoping libtards but don't hold your breath.

I feel sorry for Dr Ford. She is a troubled woman who has been played by Democrat senators. She may well have been assaulted at some stage but by whom is very unclear and a caring law-maker would not have allowed her to come forward with such a flimsy uncorroborated tale. Like Judge Kavanaugh and his family I pray for Dr Ford, that she finds happiness.

But the spectacle of a highly partisan minority attempting to destroy a man’s career on the basis of such a flimsy take has been unedifying and the role of the Democratic establishment in it has left a bad taste in the mouth. Their behaviour will not go down well in mainstream America though the liberal media establishment can’t see that, just like they thought Take a Knee and other issues would play badly for the GOP.  And so they push out the fake news.

When we look back on this we will also see a good man in Brett Kavanaugh almost knocked out by #MeToo hysteria, destroyed by “evidence” so scant it would not even make it to Court. Perhaps that will be the legacy of this circus, an ending of that hysteria. That, and the dashing of the high hopes Dems come November by a red wave fuelled by disgust at events in the Washington swamp over the past few days would be truly fitting.

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