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Why does the West’s liberal elite deny Israel the right of self defence?

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 14 November 2012

For once the BBC and the Guardian do not stand in the dock alone. It seems as if the entire Western liberal elite and press corps are united in condemning the wicked Jews, oops they meant to say Israel, for taking out Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jabari today. Old Said was the head of the military wing of the Islamofascist Hamas organisation that runs the Gaza strip today and thanks to a precise strike from the Israeli Defence Forces he is now on a one way ticket to hell.

I support the brave IDF 100% and am this evening celebrating the death of this bigoted murderer. It seems that deluded lefties across the planet have a different view.

The BBC coverage stands out for its extreme bias. No surprises there. On its website today the lead story reports:

The head of the military wing of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas has been killed during Israeli air and naval strikes in the Gaza Strip. Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jabari and another Hamas official died when the car they were in was hit in Gaza City.

It follows a wave of rocket attacks against Israel from the territory. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the military was prepared to broaden its operation against Hamas targets in Gaza. Gaza’s health ministry said a further five Palestinians had died in the attacks across Gaza. Civilians injured in the air strikes were rushed to Gaza’s hospitals.

Searching through the BBC website ( bloody hell I really do not know what I have done to deserve such torture) I find one report in recent days about how a few rockets fired from Gaza had landed in Israel killing no-one. Clearly this is heavy handed and disproportionate oppression by the wicked Jews, I mean Israelis.

Later on in the piece the BBC’s reporter notes: “Outside the hospital to which Mr Jabari’s body was taken, thousands of angry Gaza residents chanted “retaliation” and “We want you to hit Tel Aviv tonight”, according to the Associated Press news agency. Hamas spokesman Abu Zuhri said: “Israel will regret the moment they even thought of doing this.” A number of injured civilians, including a badly burned young child, were seen being taken to hospital in Gaza City.

Ok, forget the spin, here are the facts. Something that you do not read about on the BBC website, in the Guardian or in fact more or less anywhere in the British press.

Gaza’s democratically elected Government is Hamas, an organisation whose charter is committed to ending the State of Israel. Forget about two state solutions. Hamas is committed to a one state final solution with those pesky Jews swept into the sea.

Between 1994 and 2011 the EU has handed over 5 billion Euros in aid to Gaza. That aid continued even after Hamas came to power. The BBC meekly reports that there were rocket attacks on Israel this weekend. You will note its phrase in its article about the terrorist being sent to hell “It follows a wave of rocket attacks against Israel from the territory.

Try again. This is no one off wave. Month on month there are c200 rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza. That is not just one weekend of hell that Israel is responding to but an every day occurrence. Do you think that if 6 rockets a day landed in Islington the staff of the BBC/The Guardian would just sit there and take it?

If you live in an Israeli town within range of Gaza you have 48 seconds to react on average between when the alarm sounds and WHEN a rocket lands. 48 seconds to get you and your kids to a bunker. The rocket attacks are not precise strikes against military targets but random attacks on towns and villages. The rocket might land on a school, a playing field or a house. Hamas does not care. It just wants to kill Jews.

And what does Israel normally send back in return? Well, as it happens, Israel sends more aid into Gaza than the EU and all the Arab states put together. On average it is about 175,000 tonnes a month. Can you remember the BBC reporting that? Er, no me neither.

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) are now attempting to take out Hamas military leaders and other folks or equipment that may be used to rain death down on its civilian population in an indiscriminate manner. The IDF is doing its best to target its strikes. It has every right to act in self defence. That the EU continues to send your taxes to support such a murderous regime is an indictment of the Evil Empire.

That the British press cannot report what is going on without even pretending to offer balance is in a sense worse. At least I can choose not to buy the Guardian. Sadly I have no opt –out on the media PR wing of Hamas, the BBC.

I now raise a glass of red wine to Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jabari and to the Israeli Defence Forces. To the former: I am glad that you are dead. To the latter: well done.

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