After gender pay mania now wretched Theresa May wants a race audit – she must go now!

Tom Winnifrith Thursday 11 October 2018


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Forcing companies to disclose the pay of men and women demonstrated two things clearly. Firstly that folks doing different jobs earned different salaries and secondly the willingness of the liberal left and the media to distort data to pursue a virtue signalling agenda, and one that lumbers business with more costs and pressures.  There is a gender pay gap but its narrowing and it cannot simply be put down to sexism as I explained to the free speech loving ,angelic. multi-brained genius students at Bath Spa University here

One imagines this madness for gender equality audits came from the left but amazingly it is a fake Tory, that is to say wretched and hopeless Prime Minister Theresa May who is pursuing this insanity. Now she is going further.

It seems Mrs May is looking to force firms to do a race audit of workers. God help us all.  Recent migrants tend to do lower paid jobs like cleaning and security. Vast number of the non whites in this country have arrived in the past thirty years. Well guess what that means?.

My wife’s community of migrants, that is to say the Indians, tend to be far longer established in the UK and also to be far more Middle Class than most migrants.  So I look forward to data showing that the average Indian earns more than the average white but sadly the average black worker will earn less. Will this prove institutional racism in favour of Indians but against blacks?  No. It will show that different communities tend, for reasons not determined by whether their skin is white or not, to be overly represented in different jobs.  But the race obsessed left will not see it that way and will instead engage in an orgy of abuse towards wicked capitalists and the evils of capitalism.

The poor capitalists will be lumbered with more forms to fill in and will then have to jump through hoops apologising for their “crimes” in order to appease mobs on social media whipped up by folks such as the BBC. 

In days of old the Tory party would have called out this nonsense for what it is. Can you imagine Margaret Thatcher suggesting this new burden on business knowing full well what the outcome will be?  But in 2018 it is the Tory party of Mrs May that is instigating it.

This is yet another reason, of so many, why Mrs May must go now. She will achieve nothing with this policy, those who applaud it will still hate the Tories, it will create division not harmony and it will penalise, for no reason, folks who should be natural supporters.

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