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The sheer nastiness of Brexit opposing fanatics as they celebrate the deaths of the old and the sick

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- Tom Winnifrith

I have commented before on the champagne socialist, Tuscan castle dwelling, Guardian writing, hypocrite Polly Toynbee thinking, each time, that the poisonous old windbag had reached a new depth of liberal depravity and surely she could sink no lower. And then, each time, £300,000 a year Toynbee sinks lower.

This week she argued that we had reached the point where enough old folk had died since the Brexit referendum to be replaced on the electoral roll by snowflakes to mean that we needed a new poll.  She assumed that the snowflakes would all vote – they tend not to – that they would vote against Brexit and that no-one else would change their mind.

It is warped logic and the same rationale would at some point this year mean that we should re-run the last General Election.

Toynbee celebrates the idea of a “People’s Vote”  but to do so on the basis of folks dying is so utterly callous that she was rightly condemned by most people. One person who objected was Carol Gould a journalist who is dying of cancer and a woman who voted for Brexit and who seemed rather offended that Toynbee, by implication, regarded her terminal cancer as good news.

She tweeted (and I retweeted)

Carol Gould


As someone with terminal stage 4 cancer I find it unconscionable that a fellow journalist can make this cruel, flippant reference to death as a solution to her political agenda. Chilling and frankly, shameful.

I am sad to say that my friend Jonathan Price responded with the tweet below for which he has, rightly, been slated by dozens of folks although a good number of his sad Lib Dem Brexit loathing followers actually “like” what he stated.


Replying to @Karashgould @TomWinnifrith

While one may have sympathy with you in your position, it does not change the fact that the elderly swung the vote the wrong way in 2016. If you don’t want to face up to that, please stay off Twitter and use your remaining time more productively.


If folks like Toynbee and Price think that displaying such unedifying nastiness to the old and the sick will sway the argument in their favour I think they rather misjudge the British people.

But since the only British people they ever meet are their fellow rich London based, liberal left elitists and not the other 99% their failure to understand how we little folks think is easily explained.


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