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Heidi Allen MP – you self important fool: your country CAN survive without you

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 21 February 2019

Heidi Allen is one of the three Tory MP’s to have resigned this week to join the new Independent Group at Westminster. Like the other two she voted to remain in the EU, but told voters at the last election that she would implement the referendum result but has since done everything she can to block Brexit. She says circumstances have changed so we should have a People’s Vote. That is on Brexit but not on who should represent her seat where circumstances have clearly changed in that Heidi is now not a Tory and is now working to block Brexit. But it is not her rank double standards that is most appalling.

In giving a speech on why she was quitting Heidi described why she got into Tory politics. She was watching the Tottenham riots in 2011 and “had a Kitchener moment” that is to say she knew that her country NEEDED her to become an MP. Britain really needed to catapult Heidi into the top 1% of earners and spout platitudes at Westminster.

One suspects that when she loses her seat at the next election, somehow poor old Britain will just about struggle to get by without the talents of Heidi a woman whose ego is not quite matched by her abilities.

Of course this sense of entitlement and self importance is widespread among the political classes. And they wonder why they are despised as never before?

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