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Carer E returns from “meeting “ Donald Trump – my father a changed man

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 5 March 2019

My father has been in a bad mood for almost three weeks as his lead carer, the saintly E, headed off for a holiday in Vietnam. E is a right thinking soul who backs all the causes that you, I and 99% of the population outside of London, Bristol and Oxford think perfectly sensible but which would get you tarred and feathered were you to mention on a University campus. For some reason she and my father, a faux progressive, get on like a house on fire.

And so for three weeks my father has complained bitterly about the stand in carers. I sense that had the late Mother Theresa and Princess Diana been tending to his needs he would still have been bitterly complaining as they are not E.

The highlight of the trip to Vietnam for a woman, who received, from me, a MAGA cap for her birthday last year? The cavalcade of Donald Trump rushing by just feet away. Almost in the presence of the Great Man himself... what more could you want?

This morning a call came in from Shipston as the two had a joyful reunion. All is well again. Not only is E back to tend to his needs but this means a resumption of supplies of the contraband which my rather PC sisters rather disapprove of, his secret delight, that is to say a copy of the previous day's Daily Mail.

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