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The battle to act like Marie Antoinette: Elton John vs Princess Meghan

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 20 August 2019

I refer not to the fact that one will never be a ludicrous old Queen while the other cannot help but be one, but to the idea of rank hypocrisy and preaching to the great unwashed as to how they should behave.

Princess Meghan and her woke husband Harry spend an inordinate amount of time lecturing the great unwashed as to how we must reduce their carbon footprint in order to save the planet. Taking a brief break from their hectic schedule of making us feel guilty about cramming into an EasyJet plane to get a rare break, the young couple flew to Elton John’s South of France chateau in the singer’s private jet.

“Hypocrites!” shouted a few brave souls. At this point Elton defended the woke Royals by saying that he had made a donation to a charity which will use the cash to plant enough trees to make the private jet flight carbon neutral.

Elton’s position is ludicrous. The uber rich can bung a fraction of their enormous wealth to plant trees so they can fly in private jets belching carbon guilt free. We, the great unwashed, must be guilt shamed to fly on crammed and unpleasant cattle flights less often as we don’t really deserve breaks in the sun. Elton and Meghan think that we, the plebs, should less often get to eat tortilla or feta. “Let them eat Welsh cakes instead” and save the planet.

But in the world we live in, it is not permissible to point out the rank hypocrisy of the woke Royals or the ludicrous Mr John. The Matthew Hopkins of the racism industry, David Lammy MP has already suggested that folks are only critisicisng this because Mehgham is a person of colour. The singer Pink has said that critics just don’t like the woke Royals and that is the only reason they carp on about the taxpayer having to pay £2.4 million for their new house or to kick up a fuss about l’affaire Elton.

Whatever, it strikes me as rank double standards from an increasingly out of touch elite. Like Marie Antoinette, who almost certainly did not say what she is meant to have said but was certainly out of touch, the young Royals are free to ignore such criticism. As a Republican I rather hope they do.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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