There are so many reasons not to vote Labour but, I beg the Mrs, just think about the Jews

Tom Winnifrith Friday 22 November 2019


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The Mrs will almost certainly vote Labour as she always does, happy in the knowledge that a victory for Jeremy Corbyn will mean an immediate 5% pay rise for here and all other underpaid and overworked sociology lecturers. I have pointed out that after five years of following Venezuala style economic policies she will be eating our cats but that is one good reason not to vote Labour. Quincy and Sian are, out of pure self interest, rooting for Boris. There are numerous freasons not to vote Labour contained in its extremist and economically illiterate manifesto, but the over-riding reason why no-one with any conscience can risk Labour winning is anti-semitism.

It is rife within Labour and Jeremy Corbyn has done almost nothing to stop it. In many cases he and his associates have actively engaged to protect Jew haters. There are Labour candidates standing this year who have made the most outrageous remarks and clearly just don’t like Jews. 47% of Britain’s Jewish community say they wil consider leaving the UK if Labour wins.

When we say #NeverAgain it should not just be a once a year thought on Holocaust Memorial Day remembering the gas chambers. We need to think of what happened before. Kristellnacht. And before that, changes in the law which made Jews second class citizens. And before that the words, the Jew baiting of Streicher but a more general, feeling that they were fair game as they were different, rich bankers, exploiters the sort of folks we should shun. If Labour wins power we are at that first early stage.  I do not for a second think that Mr Corbyn wants to build gas chambers but he does not appear to mind murals depicting Jews as rich exploiters, stealing the money of the poor, And some, far too many, of his followers want to make life so unpleasant for the Jews that we cannot allow them to get anywhere near the levers of power.

Happily they chant that “Palestine shall be free from the river to the sea”. That is a call to eliminate Israel. What do those who want that think the Arabs will do to the Jews? Hint, think what the Arabs did to Jews living across the Arab world from 1945 onwards forcing them to go to Israel. Where will the Jews go next time? And how do these rising chants against Zionists (code name for Jews) make the British Jews feel? For this one reason I beg the Mrs to think again and though, I know she cannot bring herself to vote Tory, how about Plaid Cymru, the Party of Wales, just this once? 

If you say Never Again and actually mean it you simply cannot vote Labour in 2019



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