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The GroupThink bankruptcy of the Mainstream Media – Do your own Coronavirus friends data test!

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 1 April 2020

Laughably, the BBC is trumpeting an opinion poll showing how its reportage of the Coronavirus “pandemic” is the most trusted among TV stations. When this is all over, we will laugh at just how the entire Mainstream Media failed us, wallowed in GroupThink and failed to challenge our blundering and lying leaders. You can see this for yourself with an easy test…

Yesterday, the Government said there was evidence that its lockdown measures were leading to a flattening of the curve, that is to say, that the number of new cases was growing at a slowing rate.  It did this on the basis of three days data which is, in itself, suspect but the real problem is that the data itself is meaningless.  Yet the entire MSM lapped it up as gospel.

Let me demonstrate to you with a test you can easily do yourself why the Government’s claim is laughable.

Firstly, since there is no blind test going on you cannot say whether it is lockdown slowing any growth – if indeed it is slowing – or that it is just slowing as all viral epidemics eventually do.  Peter Hitchens asks you to imagine you telling your Doctor you have a cough. He amputates your left leg. The cough goes away after a few days. Can the doctor claim the amputation cured your cough for sure?

But there is a more important point which is that, as the UK is doing very few tests ( so far just 143,000 or 0.22% of the population) and is indeed only testing those already in or working in hospitals, its data set is small and massively unrepresentative and thus shows you nothing about what is happening in the population at large. And as such it can make no claims at all about a flattening curve in the wider population.

You can establish this yourself. The average person knows 600 other folk. You may know a few more or a few less but it is unlikely to be massively different. So the government says that 25,150 folks have tested positive. It is this number it uses as evidence of a flattening curve, which the BBC, ITV and deadwood press dutifully report and so support the economy wrecking lockdown.

So that means that, according to the Government one in 2,624 of us have the virus. As you know c600 folks you have a 1 on 4 chance of knowing someone who has or who has had Covid 19.  So how many do you actually know?

In my case the answer is 12.  My wife says it is 5 in her case. But, of course, I have not asked everyone I know if they have had all the symptoms it is only those who have told me. So my 11 out of 600 could well be many more. And remember also that up to 50% of those with Covid 19 are, based on the Diamond Princess floating petri dish experiment, asymptomatic.

Let us assume that I know all of my contacts who have Covid 19 but only half of them know they had it then, 22 of my 600 contacts have or had had the virus which suggests that the Government data is 88 times too low!  But on the assumption that many more of my contacts could have the virus or have had it but have not told me the Government data could be several hundred times too low so we are nit taking about  2.2 million positives ( the 88 number) but perhaps millions more.

That has two massive implications.

First the Government sample is just so small as to make any talk of flattening the curve utterly meaningless.

Second the death rate really is trivial. 1,789 deaths out of 2.2 million is a death rate of less than 0.1%, in other words while Covid is clearly very contagious it is also not a mass killer as the media and political classes insist from their GroupThink bubble.

Do your own personal calculations and then tell me you believe Piers Morgan and the media GroupThink mob rather than Professor John Oxford, the UK’s most experienced virus expert who said yesterday this is no worse than normal flu. And then if you start to question the political and media classes, ask, if you dare risk being mobbed, lambasted and pilloried, whether hurtling the economy into recession and crushing our civil liberties is really worth it?


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