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First they came for the Brexiteers, then they came for the conservatives and when they came for Suzanne Moore there was no-one to save her

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 21 November 2020

This week, the journalist Suzanne Moore was forced out of her highly paid job at the Guardian. Her crime was to question certain of the more radical demands of the trans agenda in relation to women‘s rights. Moore was not fired. No, this is 1984 so instead vast numbers of her colleagues wrote to management saying her views upset them. Knowing she was in peril of being written out of the script, Moore walked.

I see that various commentators are saying how awful this is. Of course it is. The Guardian will become an increasingly woke echo chamber appealing to a tiny minority and so continuing to lose readers. Moore has been treated appallingly. Je suis Suzanne, if I am allowed to say that.

However, Moore has worked at the Guardian for eons, during which time it has done its utmost to discredit, smear and drive from public life folks with views on Europe, immigration, state spending and many other areas which its staff and readers may disagree with. Just look at the smearing of Arron Banks by the paper and its star columnist, the fantasist Carole Cadwalladr, a matter which will be arriving in the libel courts shortly.

Moore did not speak up for the rights of us who are Conservatives or Brexiteers to enjoy free speech. She was a very well paid part of the pack of jackals. And now she has fallen foul of those very same jackals. Late in her professional life Ms Moore and her supporters might consider the idea that you cannot be selective in your support of free speech; you are either in favour of it or against it.

Moore, my hero Peter Tatchell, Germaine Greer are all folks who at one stage were pioneers in various progressive revolutions but in these dark days have now been devoured and partly silenced by their fellow revolutionaries for somehow being offensive to certain members of the woke coalition. Those who have caused Moore to lose her job might wish to consider that one day it might be them facing a twitter storm and demands that they lose their jobs and career.

As for Moore, now with time on her hands, perhaps she might consider how often she actively and bravely supported those threatened for expressing support for an idea with which she personally disagreed. It will not be an exercise that takes her very long.

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