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Why the hell should I hand £500 of my cash to a Scottish GP who has sat on his arse all year? #ScottishIndependence now

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 1 December 2020

To great fanfare, Scotland’s first poisoned dwarf, Ms Nicola Sturgeon, has announced a £500 bonus to valiant healthcare workers across Scotland. And, notwithstanding the grotesque subsidies paid by England and Wales to the feckless heathens, she demands that Boris Johnson makes this a tax free bonus.

In Scotland, 88% of folks are net takers from the State.

As a result of the crackers lockdown, we must protect the NHS at all cost, policies implemented not just in Scotland but across the UK, many healthcare workers have had a very easy year. Even today bed utilisation rates across British hospitals are actually lower than they were this time last year as non Covid treatment is curtailed to “save the NHS”.

GP’s, in particular, have had it easy with far fewer folks wanting assistance and any surgeries that they do hold being held online.

Many staff in the NHS are very well paid. The average GP in Scotland earns £77,830 which is 135% more than the average wage in Scotland. The average UK wage is just over £30,000 but, of course, there are millions and millions of taxpayers earning far less than that.

And thus, the poisoned dwarf takes cash from English and Welsh taxpayers to offer a bonus to folks in Scotland, some of whom earn multiples of those paying up. And then demands that, at a time when Government finances are in an appalling mess, this handout is tax free.

For those in the NHS, there have been no job losses, there will be pay rises next year and job security. For many in the private sector, lockdown has mean job losses, pay cuts or the threat of both next year. But the land of Adam Smith has become a land of takers from the State and Sturgeon’s move is, while idiotic and unjustified, clearly populist.

As a taxpayer in Wales and before that in England, I feel – as I sense do many others – that enough is enough. The Scots should fuck off and become independent. If they carry on spending in this way without vast handouts from south of Hadrian’s Wall then they will bankrupt themselves as a nation. And at that point I shall be raising a wee glass of Irish whiskey in celebration.

And so to my friends in Scotland I urge you to vote SNP, Cry Freedom and all that shite. Do it not for yourselves but for your mates in England and Wales as we are heartily sick of the lot of you.

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