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Graphic - lockdowns don't work and British deaths 2000 vs 2020

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 14 December 2020

The chart is so simple that my cat could understand it, although it seems to be beyond the wit of Guardian-reading lockdown fanatic and mask jihadist Mr Darren Atwater. Point one is that lockdowns make no impact on the number of Covid deaths. Those who can ignore the hard factual evidence from Sweden HERE or Greece HERE and insist that lockdowns make sense will, like my Best Man, still not be persuaded. For them, facts do not matter. Point two is even more interesting.

Folks like Darren reckon this awful plague, which for folks under 70, sees a 99.97% survival rate, mean we Brits are dropping like flies. In fact, the total number of deaths this year is, on a population adjusted basis, actually lower than it was in 2000. And the gap is widening. So remind me once again why exactly we need to crush all civil liberties and destroy the economy?

Of course folks will reply with emotion. “My granny died from it” or “a bloke in my table tennis club died from it. It is a horrible death.” But that is emotion. Understandable emotion but it cannot trump hard facts.

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