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Masks do not stop Covid Spread or save you from the virus - a chart from Florida

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 21 December 2020

I have noted before, the hard evidence from Denmark that mask wearing neither stops you catching or spreading Covid. Hell’‘s teeth if it works so well why are we in Britain where we are today after five months of forced muzzling up?  Here is another bit of data for the mask jihadis to explain. It is from Florida.

In the sunshine state the Governor left it up to individual counties to say whether mask wearing was mandatory in public spaces. On October 23, 67 counties said it was three said it was not. One would suspect, but I admit I cannot prove, that mask usage would therefore be lower in the three than in the 67. While all 70 counties have essentially trended together it seems that there has been less growth in Covid in the three non mandated counties than in the 67 where mask wearing is compulsory.

On its own it proves nothing but to those mask fanatics who have such certainty that we non wearers are selfish bastards killing old folks by not muzzling up, that they feel the right to abuse and shout at us I have a question. How does the chart below tally with your unchallengeable certainty that wearing a face nappy must stop covid spread?

Oh I forgot. Your grannie’s bridge partner died from Covid and I am a selfish capitalist bastard who puts profits before people and did not clap for the NHS like a deranged seal and wants to kill all old people and there can be no other reason why I dare to raise questions involving hard data into this debate.  I forgot. Silly me.

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