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Things that became racist in 2021: fighting climate change

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 4 February 2021

It joins a long list including: bras, knickers, dating a person of colour, not dating a person of colour, drinking coffee and, as of yesterday, paying tribute to the late Captain Tom Moore.

Apparently folks of colour are under-represented on protests against man-made global warming. Perhaps this is because the “BAME community” has more common sense than the assorted Guardian readers who like to waste their time on this bogus religion? Or maybe the organisers in not reaching out to ensure, via affirmative action, that quotas are met are, unwittingly, showing institutional racism and are thus protecting their white privilege?

This is 2021 so the important issue is not whatever cause you fight for but that you are seen to be doing so in a way that is utterly inclusive. Quick, you middle-class white men, get to the back of the demo and try to cower behind Eddie Izzard and Dianne Abbott. Our success depends on your quick action.

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