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Sign the Petition as the wretched Tories renege on promise to curb public sector fat cats

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 16 February 2021

Hang on Mr Pleb:  members of the establishment do have to look after each other don’t they? Most senior civil servants went to the same Oxbridge colleges and public schools as most of the cabinet. If you can’t feather the nests of your chums what’s the point of public life?  In another fuck you to blue collar Tory voters in the so called red wall seats, the wretched Tories snuck out a disgraceful U-Turn just before the weekend.

They had promised to cap gargantuan golden goodbyes in the public sector. As the Taxpayer’s Alliance notes:

For years, the public sector top brass have been pocketing eye-watering exit payments when they left their jobs. And all too often, the recipient would land another cushy taxpayer-funded role not too long afterwards.

We fought back, and we won – in 2015, the TPA proposed a £95,000 cap on golden goodbyes, which entered the Conservative manifesto and became law in 2016. It wasn’t until four years later, in November 2020, that ministers finally forced reluctant civil servants to implement the cap.

But now, just three months on, Whitehall mandarins and union firebrands have managed to get it overturned. Once again, people can leave the public sector with six-figure payoffs, landing hard-pressed taxpayers with the bill.”

This is shocking. Normally those on the left demonise the Taxpayers Alliance as a plaything of rich right wingers who want Government spending slashed. But this, surely, is something that we can all agree on whether we are diehard Labour supporters like my Mrs, ordinary decent Tories or, like myself a keen supporter of the cottage burning lunatics of Plaid Cymru, the party of Wales.  Why the hell should folks who earn vast six figure salaries, get a huge payoff before walking into another cushy job? Plus they will all get an inevitable gong before eventually retiring on an incredibly generous pension scheme. It is just plain wrong. And the fact that most top Whitehall staffers are from that small narrow public school and Oxbridge* section of society makes it all the more annoying.

So what to do?

a)       Sign the Taxpayers Alliance petition HERE

b)      If you have a Tory MP say that this is the final straw and demand that the party stand by its manifesto or you too will apologise for voting Tory last time and jump ship. 

And then the Tories will dismiss us all as dirty oiks and carry on looking after their pals from their student days.


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