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I have my misgivings but my appointment for covid jab now fixed – as I feel ever more sceptical about lockdown

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 18 February 2021

I am not wildly happy about having the jab. It has not been tested on folks who, like me, have had Covid. We also do not know if there are any serious long term side effects on all sorts of patients – yes, I know that all vaccines can produce some side effects. And having already had covid, all the evidence suggests that God has already vaccinated me and so there is no need for a second dose organised by the stupidest man in the Western world, Welsh first minister Mark Drakeford. But…

I can see the writing is on the wall. If I do not get the jab and get some wretched piece of paper confirming this, I have a horrible feeling that there may be restrictions on places I can go in Britain and on my ability to travel without too many hassles to and from Greece.  I resent the threats of blackmail coming from this Government and I shall not forgive them for it but is not having the jab a “hill to die on” so to speak?

It is not. I am a type 2 diabetic so this morning I got an email telling me that I must shield until jabbed and just now I got a text inviting me to book an appointment. So next Thursday the Mrs will drive me off to a jabbing centre near Chester and I will line up with all the other old folks and other fatty diabetics for a shot in the arm.

I am a lockdown sceptic. I note that, as shown below, Covid cases in Sweden ( no lockdown) are falling faster than they are in the UK. I note that in the UK the death rate among old folks is falling faster than among people my age and younger. That is because the real crumblies are getting the jab while younger folks are now being vaccinated at a slower rate by God, i.e. getting covid and surviving but then becoming immune.

All the evidence suggests that the Government could relax lockdown far more rapidly than it proposes as vaccine rollout accelerates. All talk of saving the NHS or flattening the curve which was once used to justify lockdowns, mask wearing and other measures that had sod all effect is gone. The talk now is of eradicating Covid and only easing lockdown when there are sod all cases. The goal posts have not just been moved they have been ripped up and shifted to another stadium.  The collateral damage from lockdown is mounting all the time.

I am furious that the Government caves to scientists, teachers and others on safe salaries tio screw up the lives of so many and as case numbers fall it becomes ever less tolerable. I shall never forgive Boris Johnson, Matt hancock and all those in the political and media GroupThink for what they have done. But does that stop me getting jabbed so I can escape Johnson’s Britain for two months in the sun, at my beloved Greek Hovel, this summer? No.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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