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I am a lifelong Republican but if Meghan is the alternative…

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 8 March 2021

I always will be a Republican. I can see no reason why the Royal Family should exist in its current constitutional position. Having said all of that, if there has to be a Monarch, the one we have and her consort Phil the Greek are, without doubt, the best one could wish for. As human beings, they are thoroughly admirable.

I wake up this morning feeling, as one human being to another, very sorry for the Queen for the way that her grandson Harry and his appalling wife Meghan have behaved. It was so different a few years ago when the young couple got married. They seemed besotted and, as a nation, we wished them well. I had a sneaking suspicion that the rather dim groom and his Mrs with her Hollywood airs would cause trouble in due course and thus, as a Republican, took a double delight in their marriage.

And thus we have the interview with Oprah, aired when Harry’s grandpa is clearly not in a very good spot healthwise. But who cares about Phil the Greek? For Harry and Meghan it is all about them and thus we are asked to watch a billionaire interviewing and empathising with a couple of multi-millionaires about their suffering and how they want to help others.

The whole idea is so nauseating that I cannot bring myself to watch the entire programme. Pensioners barely able to afford heating and food suffer. Families cooped up in tower blocks during lockdown suffer.  Folks barely able to afford the rent or who have lost their jobs in lockdown and face repossession suffer. But no, the real victims in life are Meghan and Harry and how Oprah felt for them.

I forced myself to watch a few clips. We are told that Meghan’s son Archie will not be a Prince because of his skin colour.  This is a monstrous slur on the Royal Family which has arcane but well-established rules as to who can claim the title of Prince and who will only be a Duke.  Archie will not be a Prince because of who his Dad is, not because of his mother’s skin colour. The ghastly Meghan knows that full well yet plays the racism card against her husband’s family nonetheless.

As to the idea that a relative asking how dark Archie’s skin would be is somehow racist – get a grip folks. I am pretty sure that both my wife’s Indian born parents asked exactly the same question. When you have a mixed race child, it is just a natural thing to wonder about.  But no, this is cited as more evidence of how beastly the Royals are towards poor Meghan and Oprah, the woman who was formerly a bestie of sex monster Harvey Weinstein turning a blind eye to his crimes, just lapped it up.

Clip after clip show a selfish couple prepared to cause pain and bitterness to Harry’s family and filled with a sense of entitlement when it comes to how they want to be addressed, perceived and financed.  How could they honestly have expected that the British taxpayer fork out not only for their wedding, housing refurbishment but then also for their lifelong security when opting not to do any work for it at all? 

Maybe in Hollywood, Brit-bashing and having a go at those stuffy old “racist” Royals will play well. I see one of Meghan’s celeb pals is demanding that the Queen apologise to her grand-daughter-in-law for whatever hurt she has caused.  But I sense most Americans will view Meghan as another piece of spoiled, greedy, liberal Hollywood trash. And it is hard to disagree.

If Meghan and her husband are the alternative to Royalty, it is maybe time to at least consider abandoning my Republicanism.

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