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Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - The huge expansion of the fruit empire

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 9 March 2021

A few folks asked how we could be enjoying rhubarb already here at the Welsh Hovel. The answer is in the top photo below; each of the eight plants is covered with a pot which seems to be accelerating growth. Don’t ask me to explain but it works. The tree in the middle of the rhubarb is, incidentally, one of the eight cherry trees I planted in December 2019 and it looks all set to blossom and deliver fruit quite magnificently this year. But it is not just the rhubarb which, after some persuasion, even four-year-old Joshua decided he liked.

One of the six raspberry bushes bought last year appeared to have gone west during the winter. The others have flourished. And so the ex bush has been replaced and yesterday I added on another five new raspberry bushes, four blackberry bushes and a final blackcurrant bush.  The net result is that we now have a line, also including another blackcurrant bush, a redcurrant bush, three gooseberry bushes and half a dozen blueberry bushes, stretching from just beyond the compost pit up to almost the far end of the garden, up to and beyond that telegraph pole.

On the other side of what was the jungle is the rhubarb and then what will, I hope, be a wall of lavender plus the eight cherry trees. In between is the vegetable patch which I shall turn to later.

For the avoidance of doubt, my role in the planting of these bushes was not purely managerial, I was a co-labourer.

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