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Joy Behar shows why you should not take history lessons from liberal celebs, especially on Nazis!

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 11 March 2021

Wading into the Meghan debate on behalf of her fellow liberal celeb, the unfunny American comedienne Joy Behar gives us a unique take on history. I can see that she picked up a lot from her university degree in sociology. Her essential thesis is that the Royal Family are all Nazis, which means they must be racist as Meghan claims.

For starters, there is Prince Philip who Joy claims had a sister who married a Nazi. Actually, Phil the Greek had four sisters who married Nazis or as they were called in those days, Germans. Phil’s family was originally German (from Bavaria) so they had a tendency to marry their fellow Krauts. And at least three of the brothers in law were members of the Nazi party with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Both my brother in laws are half German; had this been 90 years ago, being ambitious chaps, they might have been Nazi party members too so does that make me a Nazi? 

But perhaps Joy forgets that Phil the Greek served in the British Navy in World War Two. He actually risked his life fighting Nazis, or Germans as they were called back then. As for his mother, she is honoured at Yad Vashem for risking her life to save Jews in occupied Greece.  On balance, I think the evidence that Phil the Greek is a Nazi is very weak.  I’d say he and his old mum are fantastic role models on the fighting Nazis front.

Then Joy claims that Edward (the eighth) had to abdicate because he was a Nazi. Er .. no! He had to abdicate becuase he married a ghastly American divorcee. It was not being ghastly or American that was the problem but the divorcee issue. These days it is okay for Royals to marry ghastly American divorcees, not that it tends to produce fairytale outcomes either.

Remember kids… do not take any lessons in history from dimwitted liberal Hollywood celebs.


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