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Do I get a prize for spotting first that the First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, is stark raving mad?

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 12 March 2021

Last night, the leader of Plaid Cymru, the party of Wales, held an online rally here in Wrexham for the faithful. Sadly I was unable to attend since spending an evening, even online, with a bunch of cottage-burning obsessives is not my idea of fun. In fact I’d rather watch Nish Kumar being an unfunny woke bore. It is that much my idea of “not fun”.

However, as I have explained before, I stand, for logical reasons, 100% shoulder to shoulder with Plaid Cyrmu, notwithstanding its collective insanity. But even the cottage burners are not quite as certifiable as Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford. Today he has opined on the idea proposed yesterday by man-hating Green Baroness Jenny Jones, that there should be a 6 PM curfew for all men.

Clearly Jones is mad as a nest of snakes, but did Drakeford condemn her daft idea? Nope. Rather in the way that when interpreting ludicrous lockdown measures implemented by the English infidels to add an additional painful and pointless special Welsh twist, Drakeford suggested a tweak on the Jones plan. Here in Wales, a curfew for all men will apparently only be considered in certain localities in certain circumstances. Oh well, that makes perfect sense doesn’t it?.

It seems that across the internet, folks are suggesting that Drakeford is insane. Of course he is. For his own sake as well as that of the nation, he should have been put in a straightjacket and locked up in a padded cell ages ago.  My question to the rest of the world is what took you so long to twig?

It was back on December 16 2020 when Drakeford outlined his plan for Christmas misery for the poor souls in this rain sodden nation that I first called out his insanity HERE. For being so far ahead of the rest of you, do I win a prize?

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