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However useless she is, Met Police boss Cressida Dick can’t be sacked as she is a woman say “campaigners”

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 15 March 2021

The evidence of just how useless is Met Commissioner Cressida Dick has mounted over the years. The shooting of that poor Brazilian chap should have done for her career. It did not. So many blunders have happened on her watch but nothing has ever stopped her rise to the top and her staying there. You might have thought that Police manhandling protesters at the Sarah Everard vigil might finally see her gone. But oh no.

Anna Birley, from campaign group Reclaim These Streets, said firing the first female leader of Britain’s biggest police force would do nothing to advance female equality.

We are a movement of women seeking to support and empower other women, and as one of the most senior women in British policing history, we do not want to add to the pile-on,’

Okay so what matters is equality, not of opportunity for there surely must be some less incompetent Policemen out there to run the met, but of outcome, closing the gender pay gap, etc etc, etc. Really? I thought that what Reclaim the Streets wanted was for streets to be safer, more criminals not able to commit crime and that sort of thing. What surely matters above all, whether you are male, female or any of the other 108 genders is that the Police does a good job in stopping crime, getting criminals convicted and making Britain safer?

But no. In 2021, what matters is the gender of the person at the top. And that now means that if you are Anna Birley or one of the many folk who think like her, Dick is almost unsackable however useless or compromised she becomes.

Were Dick to be caught snorting coke off a hookers bum, would she be fired or would the key issue be keeping her in place to “empower other women?” Meanwhile, crime and especially violent crime in London against both men and women continues to soar. We all know where the buck will not stop.

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