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The media and Joe Biden’s failing health – another massive fraud on the American electorate

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 26 March 2021

Back in 2016, some of us of a conservative leaning questioned whether the Democrat candidate for President, crooked Hillary Clinton, had health issues. The mainstream media sneered about alt right fake news and ignored this completely. And then crooked Hillary collapsed in New York and they were forced to admit that we might have been right all along. I remember doing an interview with that fine news channel Russia Today discussing that very issue of the media corruption and Hillary’s health. What is it with the Dems and picking old folks with health issues?

In 2020, Joe Biden very clearly had major problems both physically and mentally. But as Biden holed up in his Delaware bunker, refused to do real press conferences and avoided meeting voters, the MSM pretended this was just normal. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

In the past week, Biden has fallen down thrice while trying to climb on board Air Force One and in his first press conference yesterday he showed obvious signs that he has lost it mentally. I invite you to watch this clip below and tell me that Biden has not got issues.

Yet, the MSM still refuse to go after him for that would expose how they gave him a clean pass on this during the General Election, how they collectively failed in their duty as journalists to call out and grill those who want to lead us, to ask the questions candidates do not want asking, not soft open questions. It was not just the very dodgy dealings of the Biden crime family that the MSM failed to cover, something that did swing the contest as polling data shows, it was Joe Biden’s very real health issues.

Can you imagine for a second that the BBC, CNN, the Washington Post or others not going into intimate detail if there was a suggestion that Donald Trump might have either a physical or a mental issue that might have stopped him being a man fit to lead and serve for four years?  Biden says he will run again in 2024. We shall see. He cannot hide his clear mental decline now, what hope has he of hiding it in 2024?  I would not bet the ranch on him lasting even four years in the White House.

We are less than 100 days into the Presidency but as more evidence of Biden’s failing health emerges, the American people might wish to start questioning not so much the Democrat party for selecting a man unfit for office but the mainstream media for being so determined as to who collectively it wanted to win that it utterly failed in its job of interrogating all candidates. It thus served up what was fake news.

And folks in the MSM wonder why readers and viewers are deserting them at a rate never seen before? It is not just increased competition from new media, it is what happens when a liberal elite is so determined to ram home its agenda that it loses all sense of balance and impartiality and so loses the trust of its audience.

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