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Multiple Choice question: Guess the party which wants my vote in Wrexham on May 6

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 27 March 2021

I received a personalised letter today from a party that wants my vote in the Senedd elections on May 6. I will give you the quote then you guess whether it is from Labour led by bonkers Mark Drakeford, the Lib Dems, The Tories or the cottage burners of Plaid Cymru. Which party said it will “create 65,000 more jobs. And provide the basis for economic recovery by increasing funding for every pupil in Wales, and launching the biggest road building plan in a generation.”

Bearing in mind that the UK has its biggest ever national debt and that it grows in leaps in bounds every day, which party would want to add to the deficit by building ever more roads to rip through beautiful Wales? Which party is mad enough to think that chucking more money at the teachers, so that Welsh kids can be taught more about BLM, gender fluidity and fake history, is going to drive economic growth? And which party reckons that Government, that politicians, not the private sector, create jobs. Because that sort of thinking has worked out so well in Venezuela, Cuba and behind the Iron Curtain.

I wonder if you have rumbled yet?

Of course, it is Boris Johnson’s Conservatives. Mrs Thatcher will be spinning in her grave.

At what point do traditional Tory voters say that enough is enough, will stop being taken for granted as Boris yaks on about the green agenda of Princess Nut Nuts while pushing through ever more tax rises? I can’t answer that question for everyone but when one chucks in the utterly unjustified authoritarianism of lockdown, for me the Rubicon has already been crossed.

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