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Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - the restaurant in the mountains with the most stunning view

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 27 July 2021

The gorge into which those chaps were murdered by a lad from Kambos a few years ago, had their bodies thrown stretches from the sea right up to the higher taygetos. On the way to Kambos, the main road passes over the gorge just above a stunning 1850s bridge I visited a few years ago. Last night, we headed for supper with Guardian-reading loons L&G in their home village of Vorio, much higher up in the mountains. Their view over the gorge is quite amazing as you can see below.

In winter, it snows in Vorio unlike at the hovel where global warming falls are rare. The drive up takes about 25 minutes with numerous hairpin bends. But it is worth it. The first photo is of the view down the gorge to the sea, as the sun set. The second is the view upwards to the top of the mountains. Finally where we ate with Joshua heading off to play Paw Patrol with his new best friend L.

The taverna in Vorio opens only in the summer and the grill only starts grilling at 8 PM but if you are in these parts it is well worth a visit. The food is good and cheap and the view is, I am sure you will agree, spectacular.


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