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Rejoice: the cash-strapped envy of the world, that is the NHS, is hiring again!

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 29 August 2021

The NHS may face record waiting lists, deaths from cancers and other ailments are soaring thanks to all those missed tests, during the scamdemic plague with a 99.97% survival rate, but there is good news. After giving GPs, average salary £100,700, and other NHS staff an inflation busting 3% pay rise, those running the envy of the world had claimed that there was a £600 million funding gap this winter. But as you can see below, vital jobs at the coalface are still being filled.

Words fail me. These hires will not save one life. They will not cure one ill person. They will not improve patient outcomes one iota.

In Derby, the assistant director of Equality, Diversion and Inclusion is in line for £75,874 a year. And, of course, NHS DB pensions are so generous that – compared to someone in the private sector on the same basic – that total package is worth another 25% on top of what is advertised. Heaven knows what the actual Director of ED&I is on.

If only we had a Conservative Government to sort this waste out by scrapping all of these posts at once…

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