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The vile standards of the liberal left on abortion: New Zealand vs Texas

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 6 September 2021

New Zealand premier Jacinda Ardern is a woman who, in the eyes of the liberal left who dominate the media and political classes, can do wrong. God fearing Texas Republicans are in the eyes of the same people an abomination who, in recent weeks have been branded and compared, unfavourably, with both the Nazis and the Taliban. Check twitter, yes #TexasTaliban really has been trending for well over a week. The issue driving this is abortion.

In Texas the Republicans have passed a measure banning abortion at after six weeks arguing that at that point a heartbeat can be detected. You may say that this limit is too strict and I’d struggle to put a case to defend it but the aim of this law is to protect life. As the Nazis butchered well over 10 million folks across Europe, arguing that some lives were not worth preserving, and as we read of the Taliban last night executing an eight month pregnant female cop (and thus her baby as well) in front of her bound and gagged family, does that really put them on the same moral compass as the pro-life folks in Texas? If you believe the New York Times, CNN or all those liberal virtue signallers tweeting on the coastal states, the folks in Texas are actually worse

Meanwhile legislation pushed through by lockdown queen Jacinda allows a foetus to be killed at up to the point of birth, without anaesthetic under certain conditions which include it having Downs Syndrome. For Jacinda and folks like her see some lives as being more valuable than others. One can only imagine the agony felt by a baby as it is murdered in Arden’s New Zealand.

Yet for the bien pensants of the liberal left, the metropolitan elitists at the BBC and its sister publication the Guardian there is no question that what Ardern allows is just part of being a progressive campaigner for women’s rights while those saving foetuses in Texas, just over half of which will be female, are just screaming Nazis.

And, of course, big tech plays along with the liberal consensus, Go Daddy telling a website that helped folks report people breaking the new laws, that it would need to find a new host or it would go dark within 24 hours.  Yes, this is a website dedicated to upholding the law and it got pulled.

2021 gets darker by the minute.

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