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GB News host Nana Akua - I want folks too poor to own a house to pay more tax so I can keep all of mine & get free care in old age

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 6 September 2021

That is not what she actually said that that is exactly what Nana meant as she opined on the Government’s plans to hike National Insurance payments to pay for more care for old folks.  As I outlined HERE this is nonsense, it is robbing from the poor and young to subsidise older folks who have benefitted from years of house price inflation which keeps young folks and the poor ever further from owning even a tiny flat. 

The ONS says that 25% of pensioners have net wealth, including their homes, of more than £1 million. Why the hell should they not use some of that wealth to pay for their own care rather than forcing it on the rest of us with a tax that hits younger and poorer folks disproportionately?  The sense of entitlement and greed of folks like Nana, all to typical within the media classes, which the Tories are playing to shamelessly, is utterly nauseating.


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