207 days ago

The greed of Roland Fatty Cornish – annual accounts out from London's worst Nomad

London’s worst Nomad, Beaumont Cornish acts for dreadful small cap stocks that nobody would miss if they went bust. The frauds it has given a clean pass to are manifest, Johnny Hon’s Global Group to New World Oil & Gas, Daniel Stewart the list goes on and on. Its report for calendar 2022 is out and the word that screams out at you is GREEDThis is more shocking than the penury of Turner Pope exposed here.


312 days ago

Confronted with evidence of his greed, David Lenigas and his bromance partner Richard Poulden take to twitter with a lying smear

Yesterday I pointed out the rapacious greed of David Lenigas and Richard Poulden in allotting themselves shares in Vinanz (BTC) at 0.25p two weeks before mug punters, roped in by salesmen charging 8% commission, paid 3p ahead of the Aquis IPO. Unable to deal with the awkward facts, Lenigas took to twitter yesterday to tell lies, with Poulden loyally retweeting every smear his master posted.


313 days ago

Vinanz IPO - the stench of the unacceptable greed of David Lenigas, Richard Poulden and their gimp crony capitalists

Where there is a bandwagon to jump on, Big Dave Lenigas will jump on it. The stench is everywhere at the Aquis lobster pot as Lenigas has made a, very unwelcome, return to the UK IPO scene. As ever the stench is of greed. Vinanz (BTC) is ostensibly a sub scale bitcoin miner.


390 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Greed vs Fear, Bailey vs Stacey

I explain why this Bearcast is late then cover how more buy notes means a worse share price performance in small caps, Flybe going bust again and how that relates to firms like Inspirit (INSP) and Aston Martin Lagonda (AML) and plans to bring back Help to Buy, the last thing this country needs. Then it is Greed vs Fear, Bailey vs Stacey.


460 days ago

More greedy public sector workers telling lies - this time its the bone idle teachers, step forward Cllr Louise Atkinson

Its not just the greedy nurses who are lying about how they all need food banks to survive and who are thus demanding a big hike to a package which is already massively greater than the UK median wage. Across the public sector they are all at it. I have highlighted before the greed and mendacity of the teachers, but in 2022 the lazy scumbags are telling porkies as never before. Meet Louise Atkinson who when not working hard and getting a good screw from being a Labour councillor in Carlisle is a teacher. Heaven help her students.


467 days ago

The greed, the revolting rewarding of failure of Dragons Den star Sarah Willingham exposed

I noted yesterday how the bars chain Nightcap (NGHT) has had to halt its planned rollout because of the cash crisis it faces. In the year to July 3 2022, on sales of c£35 million it reported a pre-tax profit of just £238,000 and the operating cashburn was a stonking £7 million. But boss Sarah Willingham described the year as “rewarding and fun”. Just how Rewarding and fun? You will be horrified…


523 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Diary date 23 September 2023

Put it in your diary now. That is ShareStock 2023. Come on Jimbo you have more than a year to persuade your Mrs to allow you out for the weekend. Courage mon brave! In the podcast I look at Audioboom (BOOM), Parsley Box (MEAL), Fevertree (FEVR) and the greed of Novum, king of the spivs Jon Bellis and Strand Hanson with 2 Standard List IPOs today. No way on earth with that structure will anyone bar the crony capitalists make money from those deals. Coke & hookers all round.


695 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Does Victorian Plumbing join the 2021 IPO roll call of shame and greed? Is CEO share buying a spoof?

I start with a few thoughts on changes in the divorce laws then discuss Canadian Overseas Petroleum(COPL), Sosandar (SOS), Avacta (AVCT) and finally, in detail, Victorian Plumbing (VIC).


740 days ago

Andrew Piggy Austin “clarifies” £25m Greed per fat cat Plan at Kistos – my arse – plan needs changing

Yesterday I outlined how the proposed Value Creation Plan at AIM listed Kistos (KIST) was nothing of the sort, it was just a scam aimed at handing up to £25 million of free shares to senior management, notably Andrew “Piggy” Austin of IGAS (IGAS) & Equities First Holdings infamy. The shares slumped on the news allowing Piggy to buy another 150,000 of them at a year low price. Today the company “clarifies.” My arse. It dissembles. This scheme needs a radical redrawing.


759 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast – V is for Vindication day

As I write, four of the top 12 fallers are stocks that I have exposed as total wronguns and one of the four even coughed up that I had gpt a scoop on Friday. In today’s podcast, which should please Matthew and his dog, I cover: Omega Diagnostics (ODX) and its porkies, MGC Pharmaceuticals (MXC), a Turner Pope dog still valued at £40 million even now but not worth a fraction of that,  Guild ESports (GILD) & the greed of David Beckham, Vast Resources (VAST) and the fraud Chill Brands (CHLL ) which could be going down the plughole for good within a  couple of weeks. I forgot to discuss the latest news from Zak Mir and Lift Ventures. That will have to wait for another day.


844 days ago

Warning: the new David Lenigas & disgraced Charlie Wood joke IPO is Hydrogen One PLC – shocking greed!

We live in an era of greed, an era when the unscrupulous will encourage you to speculate on the uninvestable.  They will make money in these fag days of the bull market. If you invest in their companies or products you will lose money. It is that simple. Welcome to the latest creation of David Lenigas. Of course he is not a director…


893 days ago

Two Bombshells this week from the Taxpayers’ Alliance which will enrage you

It is your money that is being pissed away by the State and with the tax burden at record highs the Taxpayers’ Alliance served up two examples of rank hypocrisy and incompetence that will leave you fuming.  First up is the greed and hypocrisy of TUC leaders and, yes you are paying to support this rotten system for these days most Union bosses represent workers in the public sector.  Next up is the shocking amount local councils have recklessly speculated on commercial property as they “knew better” than Mr. Market as prices tumbled. Of course they did.


907 days ago

GB News host Nana Akua - I want folks too poor to own a house to pay more tax so I can keep all of mine & get free care in old age

That is not what she actually said that thaat is exactly what Nana meant as she opined on the Government’s plans to hike National Insurance payments to pay for more care for old folks.  As I outlined HERE this is nonsense, it is robbing from the poor and young to subsidise older flks who have benefitted from years of house price inflation which keeps young folks and the poor ever further from owning even a tiny flat. 


923 days ago

This loyal hammer increasingly despises Declan Rice

As a diehard supporter of West Ham United I am supposed to say that captain Declan Rice is wonderful, to look at his tackle and pass stats and say that he is the new Bobby Moore and worship the ground he walks on. Sorry. I cannot say that. I, increasingly, despise him more than I despise most Premiership prima donnas and that is saying something. As ever in football it is greed at the heart of it all.


981 days ago

Just how much do greedy fat cats Julie & Ali at Sosandar need to be motivated? £50,000 becomes £2m as punters get screwed

What follows is a tale of greed and reward for failure. Look at the hard facts and you will, unless you dwell in the 1% sewer of greed, conclude that Sosandar’s (SOS) joint CEOs Ali Hall and Julie Lavington are now poster girls for fat cattery, for greed and are the unacceptable face of capitalism.


997 days ago

I will vote against all resolutions at the Kefi AGM in protest at unacceptable boardroom greed

I am a loyal shareholder in Kefi Gold & Copper (KEFI). Its boss Harry Adams is my friend. Or at least he was until today, he may not like me after this. And I think that the shares at just under 2p are incredibly cheap with the clear potential to multi-bag from here. But news of a potential $1.5 million cash handout for Harry is a bridge too far. I want to protest and will do so at the forthcoming AGM.


1157 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Rowing with Gary Newman & option greed from Clem

In today’s podcast I look at Powerhouse Energy (PHE), bitcoin, Online Blockchain (OBC) and ADVFN (AFN).


1164 days ago

Rewarding the most abject of failures here in Wales – not for the many but for the few

I refer not to Mark Drakeford, our First Minister. He is clinically insane so should not be judged too harshly for the scandal that is evident at the Welsh Assembly. For its members ( an MS) are set to get an inflation busting 2.4% pay rise next year taking the stipend of an ordinary MS, let alone a minister, to £69,273. This is a reward for failure. It is certainly not the sort of performance related pay we wicked capitalists in the private sector like to advocate.


1351 days ago

Novacyt – new Coronabollocks news, this is all about executive greed and share ramping now

As I explained in some detail in my first new video show three weeks ago, Novacyt (NCYT) senior managers, notably CEO Graham Mullis, are massively incentivised to ramp the shares as hard as they can up to October 17. If they achieve peak ramp they will clean out the company’s cash reserves, leaving the PLC gasping for breath as they shout “Ching! Ching! And buy top of the range Porsches.” The full scheme is explained HERE


1604 days ago

EXCLUSIVE: The “tax efficient” greed of London’s worst Nomad Roland “fatty” Cornish again exposed

At tonight’s crony capitalist black tie AIM awards dinner paid for by you, long suffering AIM investors, I suggest there should be a special award honouring the rapacious greed of the man who floats and represents the bulk of the shittiest companies on the AIM Casino, Mr Roland “Fatty” Cornish.  The annual report for calendar 2018 for his company Beaumont Cornish, has just been posted on companies house having been submitted three days before the nine month deadline (like client, like advisor) and is shocking as you can see below.


1708 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Putting Nigel on the spot on Sosandar & the double standards of the bell-ends at the LSE Asylum

I discuss the double standards of those running the LSE Asylum with reference to UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), its lying CEO and some poltroon who asserts I take bribes. I ask Nigel if he still thinks Sosandar (SOS) is a buy at sub 20p as it is sub 20p. I’m not sure. I look at greed and rewarding failure at Staffline (STAF), pass on rumours about Union Jack Oil (UJO) and comment on Bluejay Mining (JAY) and Dev Clever (DEV). Now it’s back to hard work at the Welsh Hovel.


1711 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: WPCT, Proton, EIF, valuations, Neil Woodford's greed and FCA box ticking fail (again)

In this bonus bearcast I look at the failure of the FCA & Link with regard to box ticking and the correct valuation of Proton Partners in light of the latest £25 million fund-raise. This just cannot be right.


1878 days ago

SHOCKER!! How much dividend did Neil Woodford take for losing his investors’ cash? Unacceptable Greed exposed

Neil Woodford’s Woodford Investment Management results for the year to to March 31 2018 have finally been released. The good news is they were filed on time – they were received by Companies House on Christmas Eve. The bad news is that over the period his equity income fund lost around 13.5% for his unit holders whilst the FTSE All-Share was broadly flat. And the shocker? Read on! This is the unacceptable face of capitalism, monstrous greed, as failure is rewarded.


2131 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: No 1 Catching up on the Telit and Andalas lies and scandals

After getting back home from Sweden in the late afternoon I jotted down my thoughts on Andalas (ADL) a company still insolvent after a placing on Monday and where the stench of the greed of its ex CEO Dave Whitby is omnipresent. Then it was onto results from Telit (TCM), the insider dealing of its CEO, possible disposals, 88 definitions of profit and the ongoing mega cashburn which is the grim reality.


2165 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Gloo Networks excusing my fecking French but this is a fecking disgrace at all levels

In this bearcast I cover Sosandar (SOS) as Cynical Bear pretends to be Ben Turney on steroids and then turn my fire to all the bad news that UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) is sitting on and may release well after hours tomorrow. Then I look at Gloo Networks (GLOO) which is linked to BCA Marketplace (BCA). Gloo is at every level a total fecking scandal of greed and well everything. I should warn you that there is a bad language alert as Gloo is everything that is wrong about the AIM Casino. If you like bearcasts then remember that at UK Investor on April 21 one of many highlights will be a live bearcast with myself and Paul Scott. Make sure you book a free ticket HERE using the promotional code WINNIFRITH


2413 days ago

42 BBC fat cat women like Fiona Bruce and Laura Kuenssberg dress up naked greed as a feminist fight

42 grossly overpaid readers of autocues at the state funded generator of fake news that is the BBC have written to their boss today demanding that they be even more grossly overpaid. The least grossly overpaid of these women earns £150,000 a year or, put another way, just over 1000 license fee payments. They have made demands for substantial pay rises because they are doing their bit in the invaluable fight for women's equality, they are fighting as feminists. This is a truly selfless act on their part. Yup.


2418 days ago

It is the Greed of BBC stars that is the issue NOT the gender pay gap

Today we learn the names of all BBC stars earning over £150,000 a year. It is only the existence of an overpaying state funded broadcaster that keeps presenter pay up at stratospheric levels. In the USA where there is a free market and no state subsidies the pay for doing an easy job (reading an autocue) is falling and not that high. This is the tip of the iceberg. 
How many BBC staff you have never heard of are earning £100,000, 75,000 or whatever? Quite simply pay is out of control. And who is funding that?


2421 days ago

Plant Health Care- you confuse management greed with incentive

In theory share options are there to incentivise management. There is of course scant evidence that directors who are often grossly overpaid will actually work even harder/be less lazy because they get to have a one way bet on the share price. It may encourage actions that drive short term share spikes but is there a proven link between options and value creation? Er... no. What we we do know is that options are not cost free.


2671 days ago

Gable Insurance Inc. – the dangers of greed

We know that the CEO of Gable Holdings Inc (GAH), William Dewsall was incentivised by bonuses linked to how much premium Gable Insurance AG underwrote. Readers may recall that the Financial Market Authority (FMA) Liechtenstein appointed 
PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, as Special Administrator to Gable Insurance AG on 10 October 2016, to assess its financial situation and protect the interests of policyholders. 


2848 days ago

Andalas Energy - Disgusting Greed, Cornhill, gaps in the AIM document & cash crisis looming

I suspect that few of those idiotic enough to take part in the 0.2p £2.6 million placing by Andalas Energy (ADL) will have bothered to read as far as page 113 of the AIM readmission document. Prepare to be horrified.


2920 days ago

3 Legs Resources - Greed and Statements that do not add up - disgrace

3 Legs Resources (3LEG) would have gone bust without my good pal Jim Mellon going in last June, investing £500,000 for a 29.9% stake and organising a Reverse takeover announced today. So he is a hero. The only problem is that this whole RTO stinks, companies house filings are all over the shop, nothing adds up and the stench of greed is palpable.


2943 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast: #Juniordoctorsstrike - lazy bastards lying about their greed

The greedy Junior Doctors are on strike again. They are not saints as they imply, they are greedy bastards who are lying about their greed and about putting patients first. I have no sympathy as I report the true facts.


3041 days ago

Lenigas Cuba – the greed of David Lenigas and the 0.01p share issue – the dates look very awkward

If those foolish enough to have invested in Lenigas Cuba at 2p back in July are wondering how they might get their cash back I suggest they start doing a date check or two for I have a shocking revelation.


3405 days ago

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 4th November lies, greed and incompetence on the AIM Cesspit with Touchstone Gold

I really do not care about the POS company that is Touchstone Gold. It is typical of the detritus at the bottom of the AIM Cesspit. But its RNS today is a shocker - it is grotesquely misleading. Behind it lies a tale of management incompetence and greedy and venal crony capitalists on the AIM Casino who care about nothing other than lining their own pockets and funding the coke and hookers. Shareholders are just there to be screwed. All of the guilty parties are named and shamed and the lies exposed in this scorching podcast. Yes. I am angry.