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It is the Greed of BBC stars that is the issue NOT the gender pay gap

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 19 July 2017

Today we learn the names of all BBC stars earning over £150,000 a year. It is only the existence of an overpaying state funded broadcaster that keeps presenter pay up at stratospheric levels. In the USA where there is a free market and no state subsidies the pay for doing an easy job (reading an autocue) is falling and not that high. This is the tip of the iceberg.
How many BBC staff you have never heard of are earning £100,000, 75,000 or whatever? Quite simply pay is out of control. And who is funding that?

But the media spin is of another narrative. It seems that there are two grossly overpaid male presenters for every one grossly overpaid female presenter. Something must be done. The BBC appears to have acknowledged this which presumably means more pay rises for more women, not pay cuts for the lads.

In the media world the scandal is of gender inequality. Outside that bubble for the other 99% of the population where the average household income is c£26,000, the scandal is that we poor folks are forced by threat of jail to pay a poll tax to fund obscene salaries at the state run broadcaster. That even rival corporations such as ITV cannot see that, show just how out of touch all of those in "the bubble" have become.

Or perhaps the overpaid luvvies at ITV realise that without the state funded BBC pushing up wages across the industry, in a real free market, their salaries too would come under downward pressure, Whatever the truth, the 99% will not be fuming today in anger that there are not more women earning £150,000+ at the beeb but at the wholesale greed of its staff which we are forced to pay for.

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