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David Atherton v the wretched Sajid Javid, a posterboy for this useless Government

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 17 November 2021

Some years ago I organised a conference on shares and investors in a £3 billion fraud I was exposing, Quindell, were doing threir darndest to ruin me as if that would protect theor investment. There were the usual death threats which the Police did nothing about becuase not being a celeb or an MP I am not worth protecting. They tried to bankrupt a restaurant I owned with bogus and dreadful reviews. They failed with that and I sold it at a profit. Then they tried to persuade Sajid Javid, who was the minister responsible for business and the media to pull out of the show.

So they told Sajid that I was short of Quindell ( I was not) and trying to ruin a great British company and that he should not, as had been planned, give the opening remarks. His office contacted my colleague Lucy Wray to say Sajid was considering pulling out.

I contacted the office of Sajid explaining the death threats, showing why Quindell was a fraud and saying that Mr Javid was now uninvited since he did not want to support a free press biy would rather side with fraudsters and those who issued death threats. And that I would be announcing why we did not wish to associate with him. in a very public manner.  It did not take long. Within half an hour there was a grovelling phone call begging me to reconsider and allow the wretched minister to speak and Sajid duly opened the event. The incident marked him out in my book as a spineless weasel and thus a man who was destined to go far in today’s Conservative party. Yesterday he showed how right my assessment was as he abused David Atherton, a commentator who like Margaret Thatcher has real conservatism in every shred of his DNA. Abusing and insulting your core supporters does seem to be the “cunning plan” of today’s Tories.

Atherton makes the valid point that just a few months ago the NHS and all the Government’s expert advisers were telling us in the strngest terms that mixing vaccines would be a disaster yet, yesterday, as he went for his third booster jab he was offereed Moderna having previously been on Pfizer and, very legitimately, Atherton reckons this begs questions of the NHS.

But today’s faux Tories will not allow the actions of the NHS to be questioned nor its demands for every more cash to be challenged. So as Mr Atherton considers some of: 5.83 million on a waiting list, up to 11 hours wait in A&E, 53 minutes wait for ambulances (3x higher than target), the Shipmans on 100,000 a year threatening strike action over pay and that fewer than half of patients can get a GP appointment, Javid merely tells him “how about you show some respect for the NHS.”

Sajid how about you and your colleagues go and show some respect for those who voted for you?


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