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Are you the sort of Christian who spends all of Ramadan praying at your local mosque?

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 18 November 2021

Me neither. Don’t get me wrong. If someone wants to pray at the Mosque every day during Ramadan or at any time of year that is great. But it is just not the sort of behaviour one normally associates with an apostate, that is to say someone who would, in some Mulsim countries, be killed for converting to Christianity.  Yup it is that Liverpool bomber, you know the devout Christian, Emad Al Swealmeen, once again.

The media and political classes were so happy when it emerged that this fellow from the Middle East was a Christian.  All those who had suggested that this was some sort of Islamofascist attack were just vile racists and islamaphobes and we could all move on. Okay, it could not be pinned down as a Far Right extremist attack which would have allowed the MSM to accuse Nigel Farage of having blood on his hands by talking about illegal migrants, but any Christian nutter is almost as good. The BBC and their fellow useful idiots were delighted.

Then it emerged that there have been large numbers of folks from the Middle East seeking asylum here in the UK who have “converted” to Christianity. Oddly almost none of their countrymen who already have been given asylum have flocked to fill the empty pews of the Church of England.  And in Syria , where most refugees claim to come from, now that Assad is back in power Christians are actually safer than they have been for years so why being a Bible basher should strengthen an asylum claim is beyond me. But the Home Office probably just accepts that Assad is amonster and that they other guys – who used to kill Christians in Aleppo – were the good guys. The pathetic church did not think mass conversions happening in the UK was odd at all. Then it emerged that people smugglers were advising asylum seekers to sign up for the CofE to help their claim.

Still the Church and the political classes did not seem concerned not were they bothered that old Emad had had his asylum claim turned down in 2014 and several times since and had also engaged in a spot of knife crime. Why had this chap not been deported? How many others like him have not been deported. Still nobody cared.

Now, today it has emerged that Emad has been an active worshipper at his local Mosque since well before Easter, going there every day to pray when not assembling home-made bombs. I realise that the CofE is desperate for anyone to fill its rapidly emptying Churches but might it now accept that it has been had on a quite industrial scale by certain asylum seekers? And might the Home office run by Priti Useless make it clear that a Christian has nothing to fear in Syria and stick any convert on the first flight back to Damascus?

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