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A mask fanatic friend writes to me … seriously you could not make this shite up

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 29 November 2021

I have an old friend B who is a good man and not dumb at all but he is a complete mask fanatic and he could not wait this morning to send me a link to a news article about how, as of Tuesday, folks in England will get fined £200 for not wearing a face nappy in Asda. No face nappies are needed in JD Wetherspoon but Botswana covid does not drink so that is all right. Follow the science comrades. It gave my old friend B such pleasure to spread the news of more draconian laws, I was almost happy for him. But…

I pointed out that I live in Wales where we have always had a mask mandate and now covid passports. So logically we would have far fewer cases than in England but oddly we have many more cases than do the non-mask wearing infidels. I asked B to explain that but he cannot.

I pointed out that the Botswanan variant has killed or hospitalized nobody at all in South Africa where it started so the measures announced at the weekend are insane. Again, facts did not matter.

I pointed out that 6 of the 9 UK cases are in a country with a mask mandate already (Scotland) so why will more masking in England make any difference? Again no answer to facts from B who, like his Mrs, wears his mask absolutely everywhere. Until he served this one up:

“To me it makes sense. It is just logic as we both have had Covid in the last month and are still recovering.  My guess is caught on a bus or an overcrowded room when I went for my booster.

Words fail me. I cannot think how to respond to that.

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