Christmas carols for Sefton Resources, the EU, Vialogy and the Modern World

Tom Winnifrith Sunday 23 December 2012


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Some young chap from UKIP was running a “Christmas carols opening two lines for the modern world “ chat on twitter tonight. His first entry was:

“Once in royal David’s city, Stood a lowly cattle shed, But when the Palestinians Bombed it, We build 200 new settlements instead”

To which I countered:

“Arrest you merry gentlemen from the BBC
You’re all screaming perverts it is now plain to see”

Naturally this got me started. And so ( in either English or German) I offer you the Evil Empire’s Silent Night

Silent night, EU night
The future for us is terribly bright
The Euro brings prosperity
jobs they are a plenty
Bringing Nobel peace
Bringing Nobel peace

Of course these are not my first carols of the year. Next year I plan to record an audio cast with my daughter Olivia on piano. Pro tem I bring you once again the Vialogy (VIY) jingle bells:

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way
Ramp the stock for Santa Claus
Every single day….ooohhhh

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jingle all the way
we need more investor cash
we have boardroom bills to pay

And to the tune of O little Town of Bethlehem, we have the Sefton Resources (SER) carol

O little town of Ellerton
Where everyone seems to lie
The Sefton car crash carries on
The shares are set to die
Doc Green spins the tale of hope
But the cash is running out
The lies and ramps from ten long years
Will end in next year’s rout

But Ali’s report looms
To save the board once again
Chat room fools will lap it all up
More shares issued it’s just when
99 Per cent down
But the board has hoovered up
Lets sing the Sefton song once again
All praise this market pup

And finally back to Vialogy ( to the tune of God Rest you Merry Gentlemen)

God Rest you Merry Directors
And shareholders who dismay
For Chevron uses your old kit
But little does it pay

To save us all from penury
As the cash seeps away
Oh promises of better times
Better Times
Oh promises of better times

If I think of any more I shall post them here. But feel free to offer up any suggestions (first two lines, or a whole verse or two) in the comments section below.

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