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Who are more depressing: the covid scientists or the journalists?

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 26 December 2021

Former chairman of the Vaccine Task Force, Clive Dix, has given an interview to the ever more appalling Daily Telegraph. I am not sure which I find more depressing, the lack of thought in Dix’s claims or the failure of the deadwood press to pick him up on this? Let me explain…

Dix claims that the UK’s early rollout of the AstraZeneca vaccine among the vulnerable may be the reason why deaths among the most the most vulnerable in the current wave are lower in the UK than in most of Europe. Maybe. But here is another far more plausible explanation,one that Dix is not quized about by the hacks.

In earlier waves of covid the UK managed to kill off far more of its vulnerable than our European friends by,inter alia inserting virus infected patients into old folks’ homes to act as super spreaders among concentrated pockets of those most likely to get a one way ticket to meet St Peter.  Remember that the average age of all UK covid death is greater than UK life expectancy at c84.  And that there are only so many super vulnerable people in a given population, the low hanging fruit for covid.

Through the old folks home policy blunder which somebody in the NHS or what was PHE should be hung,drawn and quartered for, the UK managed to wipe out many more of the vulnerable than our European comrades at the start of the scamdemic.That means that at this stage the Europeans have a far bigger pool of the vulnerable than we do, for covid to play with, and thus are almost certain to have greater deaths than we do. 

I am not saying my thesis is foolproof but it appears logical and plausible. That experts can’t think outside the GroupThink is to be expected. That journalists are trapped in the same GroupThink so no longer want to or dare to or even consider thinking about challenging “experts“is a sad reflection on our times and on my profesion.

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