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Tyranny in the USA – Joe Biden, the #WorstPresidentEver, drives the censorship of Ron Paul for sharing a video & the VP, insanely, compares Trump to Bin Laden

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 15 January 2022

The opinion polls suggest that Americans now rate Joe Biden as the worst President Ever. After more than 40 years Jimmy Carter has lost his crown and can breathe a sigh of relief. Folks see through the lie that Trump caused vast covid deaths as the body bag toll has gone through the roof under Biden – this was a disease not a political football weaponised by  the Dems in 2020.  Inflation is is the thief in the night and Americans feel robbed every day as they buy gasoline or groceries, just as they feel humiliated by events in Afghanistan.

I remind you, once again, that polls suggest that most Republicans and a good number of Dems think that the 2020 General Election was somehow rigged. And, whatever the BBC and the UK mainstream media  tell you, it was rigged. It was rigged by big media, now effectively an arm of the Democrat Party, either not reporting the scandals of Hunter and Joe Biden or actively supressinbg those who did. Polls clearly show that had Americans known what they know now the result would have been different. The US General Election of 2020 was, indeed, stolen.

But who dares speak out? The electorate will in the mid-terms and in 2024.  But until then the Biden Administration and Big Media are colluding to suppress dissent and also to cover up the failings of America’s most disliked President and even more disliked Vice President,Kamala Harris.

The other day Harris compared the January 6 riots in Washington where a couple of rioters died to Pearl Harbour and 9/11. Her implication was that President Trump,who did not organize or instigate those riots, is on a par with the Emperor of Japan and Osama Bin Laden, men who slaughtered thousands of innocent Americans. Even 40 years ago the 4th Estate would rightly have taken Ms Harris to task for such nonsense but today nobody bothers. But Americans saw her speak, via social media, and will make their own judgement. The polls don’t lie.

Comparing Donald Trump to Osama Bin Laden may play well with the hardcore liberal base.  But in mainstream America, in the rust belt or the flyover states and across the South, rather than on Park Slope Brooklyn or in Hollywood where they jerk off on such nonsense, folks can see it for the insane smear that it is.

And then there is the censorship, with the latest victim the great libertarian and former GOP Congressman Dr Ron Paul who twice, unsuccessfully, sought his party’s Presidential nomination. Dr Paul’s “crime” was to share a video on his facebook page of the CEO of Pfizer saying that two of his jabs would not protect you against Omicron and that a new type of booster was needed and would be launched in March. Clearly the implication is that the current one which The Dems want to force everyone to get does not work.

What Dr Paul shared was fact, a video interview with the Pfizer boss. But a day or so after Joe Biden called on the new media giants to stop the spread of misinformation, Facebook duly restricted access to Dr Paul’s page, just as it refused to share links to the NY Post’s Hunter Biden exposes. Someone should tell the Democrat party of America that the book 1984 was a warning not a blueprint.

Americans fought for their freedom froma tyrannical Monarch back in 1776 and are not that keen on losing liberty. With every week that goes by the Dems act more like a King, thinking this is the answer to their problems. Au contraire, it IS one of their, many, problems.

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