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The Guardian's take on one black multi-millionaire hitting another on TV - it's all about white racism natch!

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 31 March 2022

An actor even I have heard off hit a comedian I am not sure I’d know from Adam, at the Oscars for telling an unfunny joke about his wife. Suddenly politicians, celebs and all the other preening nonentities who dominate our world in 2022 piped up with their take on Will Smith hitting Chris Rock. But only the Guardian, the dreary left wing reading of the middle classes, gets to the real core of the issue as you can see below.

This furore is all about white folks all being racists and any white person daring to express a view on the matter might as well go fess up to being a lifelong member of the Klu Klux Klan.

For the avoidance of doubt I have no view on this spat. I just wish Hollywood would just disappear into the sea as its values are ones I find abhorrent. Having not watched the Oscars again this year perhaps a reader can enlighten me as to whether there was the usual standing ovation for that “courageous and brave” sodomiser of a 13 year old girl, fugitive from justice and all round Hollywood darling, Mr Roman Polanski? I cannot say I actually care but it does serve as an annual reminder of just how degenerate the place has become.


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