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Photo evidence of life in the old dog/grandpa yet - the 2 Greek Hovel castles climbed in one day

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 6 August 2022

I should say that, the other day, an old man in the square in Kambos looked at my daughter Jaya and then congratulated me on how beautiful my grand-daughter was. That is the first time someone has actually said that I was her grandpa although I am sure some others have thought it. Our mad lefty friends L&G, when they stopped laughing, explained how Jaya was actually my daughter and the old chap looked rather impressed. And here is the proof that the old dog (me) has life in him yet.

Three days ago, with the parents of Joshua’s pal T, some of us climbed the rocky and overgrown path up to Zarnata castle in the midday sun. The Mrs and T wimped out as she was not dressed in suitable clothes for snake country. Whatever.

Joshua, the parents and I went for it with me carrying Jaya on my back. It is a steep and very uneven 500 metre climb but I did it quite easily not meeting any snakes on the way up to the ruin.  Then we went back down and drove to the oher castle you can see from the hovel where the climb from car to entrance is just 25 metres so even the Mrs joined us.

As you can see below not a spot of sweat is on my brow and my belly is, I think, a bit smaller than in the more recent past. There is a photo of the whole family at the second castle from which you can see the bay of Kalamata in one direction and the Greek Hovel in the other.

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