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Piss off Argentina and your tax dodging pals at the Guardian

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 3 January 2013

The Argentine economy is going down the toilet. Inflation is 25%, growth is slowing fast and workers are protesting on the streets. In large part this is down to the misguided policies of the Botox-loving President Fernandez. In order to deflect attention from her own incompetence the silly cow is once again stoking up a row over the ownership of the Falkland Islands where a plebiscite this year will show that 99% of the sheep shaggers wish to stay British.

Her latest ruse is to waste Argie Government cash by taking out an advert in a British paper which makes huge operating losses from spouting piffle for its dwindling readership of ageing deluded lefties and whose (profitable) parent company is one of the smartest tax dodgers going. I refer, of course, to the Guardian. Both Argentina and the Guardian can piss right off.

Britons settled in the Falklands when they were deserted since the European political elite who rule the artificially created country that is Argentina were, at that time, too busy exterminating native Indians to worry about a few rocks in the middle of the Sea. The first settler arrived in 1834. No Argie had ever settled on the Islands although British ownership was briefly interrupted (militarily by the United Provinces of the River Plate, a forerunner of Argentina) in the 1820s.

The aggressive Argie claim on the Islands is a relatively recent phenomenon dating from the 1960s. But since the whole bloody world (other than the Argies and the tax-dodging Guardian) believes in the principle of self-determination the Argie claim has no moral basis as well as no historic basis.

But Guardian readers are so frigging deluded that in their determination to apologise for what the wrongly see as the evils of the British Empire they will hand whatever they can back to whoever they can as long the recipients are browner and poorer than we are. Thank to the South American sun and the policies of President Fernandez, the Argies tick both boxes.

So, like much of the money pissed away by the silly cow Fernandez, this cash will be wasted. Guardian readers agree with her already. She is preaching to the converted. But not many people read the Guardian. Most folks in Britain, and most readers of any other newspaper, believe that we should stand up for our fellow citizens in the South Atlantic and that the Argies can sod right off. It was Game Set and Match in 1982 and there is no chance of a replay.

You rather hope that any other paper in Britain would have told Fernandez where to stick her advert.

As it happens the headquarters of the BBC’s sister paper are not far from The Real Man Pizza Company where I shall be working (writing, not flipping pizzas) all day today. I feel it is a day to wear my Piss off Argentina T-shirt just in case any hacks from the rag walk past so that I can shout “Gotcha”.

If anyone else wishes to show how they feel on this issue by“snapping up a Piss off Argentina T-shirt or mug they can be ordered exclusively HERE at my online store.”:

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