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The liberal left goes Lineker + and weaponises Auschwitz against Suella Braverman

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 20 March 2023

There is a photo out today of Ms Braverman laughing on a trip to Ruanda. With hindsight that might have been unwise as she claims to be tightening the UK’s immigration system. I shall believe that when I actually see it. However, there can be no excuses for the tweet below from the leading anti Brexit campaigner Steve Bray photoshopping the laughing minister in front of the entrance to Auschwitz. He also removes from the origonal picture two laughing Rwandans either side of Ms Braverman. 

Ms Braverman is married to a Jew and to compare a tighter immigration policy to what happened at Auschwitz, utterly trivialises the holocaust. Bray is a tastleless idiot. Of course I believe in free speech so would not bar this tweet. But equally I, and I am sure 99% of us, can also say what a vile scumbag, worthy of a universal cold shoulder, is Mr Bray.

After the BBC climbdown against Gary Lineker it seems as if its open season on trivialising the holocaust and the perecution of the Jews that strted in 1933.


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