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A fool and his money are easily parted: Prince William and the global warming coral reef grifters

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 26 April 2023

If you believe in the bogus religion of global warming there are a few chants you must break into if you meet someone like me, a sceptic or, put another way, someone who looks at actual data. You must chant that “the Maldives is drowning” (of course they are is not), that water shortages in South Africa are caused by global warming (they aren’t), that Pakistan is seeing more flooding ( it is not) and, say it loudly, that the Great Barrier Reef and other corals are being destroyed by warmer seas caused by man made global warming. Among those shouting about corals the loudest is Prince William.

Indeed he does more than shout. At a star studied ceremony in October 2021 attended by celebs such as Emma Watson, wearing a dress made from ten Oxfam dresses) Willy handed out cash prizes in his Moonshot awards to folks saving the planet. It is his cash he can do what he wants with it.  But, on the advice of a judging panel including the old climate fraudster Sir David Attenborough himself, one award went to Coral Vita in the Bahamas: A project run by two best friends who are growing coral in the Bahamas, designed to restore the world’s dying coral reefs. Using special tanks, they have developed a way to grow coral up to 50 times faster than they normally take in nature.

Even by then , as I had demonstrated HERE with some hard data, the dying coral reef narrative was starting to unravel.

Of course the experts knew better than the actual data suggested. The IPCC said in 2018 “with high confidence” that corals would decline worldwide by 70-90% if temperatures rose just 0.4°C.  Data on many coral reefs is unreliable but there is no evidence of any great calamities. One area where there is hard data is the world’s largest coral reef, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. And guess what? It has never, in recorded history, been larger or healthier. Yes, it is growing not shrinking or dying.

Scientists tell us that corals grow in waters between 24°C and 32°C, and in fact often grow quicker in higher temperatures. But they dislike sudden changes in local water temperature caused by natural weather events such as El Niño oscillations. As a result they often bleach, but then they just recover.

But not a lot of folks seem to know this. William is not the only fool out there although he does hand out his own cash to tackle this non issue. A survey carried out by the Australian Environment Foundation (AEF), the work of coral authority Dr. Peter Ridd and science journalist Jo Nova showed that after two years of record growth just 3% of Australians knew that the Great Barrier Reef had never been bigger. 44% of Aussies thought it was smaller than ever and 36% believed it was below average levels.

The GroupThink that has captured the media and political establishments, not to mention woke luvvie actors and actresses, just states that black is white and anyone who actually looks at the hard data is branded “a denier”. George Orwell would have loved it.

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